The most expensive dishes of the world
How many are willing to pay people for not so much delicious as the food? We offer you top of the most expensive dishes in the world , not to…

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Salads birthday recipes
Salads birthday everyone chooses according to his own taste, and thus, it is very important that the table on this festive day were not only delicious, but also elegant dishes.…

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Traditional Indian cuisine, Indian dishes
Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture Indian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. It has its traditional characteristics and other peculiar features that…

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The most horrible meals of the world

Eat loves every person. And many are not averse to try a new dish, to diversify, so to say, his tastes.

The days when foie Gras, blue cheese or tequila with the worm was able to surprise the foodie, gone. Lovers of exotic delicacies, get ready for more serious testing! And don’t read this article before dinner or on a full stomach.

Not going to shock you immediately, we will begin with a warm-up. Haggis is just offal lamb, mutton boiled in the stomach. Poor but resourceful Scots have composed this national dish from meat production waste. Not just that they wrote, but also added to it the legend: it is said that real Haggis is made from mysterious animal is the wild Haggis. In Russian cuisine, incidentally, is similar in composition and process of making the dish. Called “nanny”. In Russia the situation with wild nannies, science is not known.

KAFU marzu is a special Italian cheese, the national dish of Sardinia. There it should be, his eyes closed. And not because of the stirring in him of the living larvae of the cheese fly (they speed up the fermentation process of the product). Continue reading

Delicious salads for my Birthday

Depending on which dressing is used for a particular salad, the taste may be different. The same salad, for example, with tomatoes and cucumbers, will be very different to taste, if you fill it with sunflower oil or sour cream. So, even the same recipe can be fed constantly, experiment with fills only.

Delicious salads for my Birthday

A delicious salad that is especially suited for a summer feast, when there are seasonal products. All the ingredients are digested easily, but salad is easy, although it quickly saturates.

What you need:

200 g feta cheese;

Bank of olives without cost.;

Lemon, olive. oil;

Two ripe tomatoes;

The leaves of lettuce; Continue reading

The most expensive food in the world


The most expensive mushroom

The most expensive mushroom is the truffle. The cost of a kilogram of this delicacy can cost up to 2000 Euro, and sometimes above. Considered the most delicious white truffles from Italy.

The most expensive dumplings in the world

The most expensive dumplings can be enjoyed in the restaurant serving Russian emigres “Golden Gates” in the Bronx. The uniqueness of them is that in their composition, in addition to beef, elk and pork meat includes iron deep fish-torch, even at moderate light dumplings emit blue-green light and it’s completely edible and wonderfully tasty. Portion of 8 dumplings will devastate a purse of $ 2,400, and from 16 to 4 400$.

The most expensive tea

The world’s most expensive tea is called da Hong PAO, which translated means “Big red robe”. Get “Big red robe” from the worksheet, only 6 bushes growing near the monastery Tianxin. Continue reading

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