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System minus 60, recipes for every day

The originality of the system minus 60 is that the recipes for Breakfast are no different from the usual way of eating. That is, until 12.00 hours of the day you can eat all that is loved by taste and desire, there are no restrictions. So on recipes for Breakfast to stay not worth it. But starting at noon, meals on the system minus 60 has some rules.

System minus 60 for tips and recipes for lunch

Not to be mistaken with a choice menu please be aware that the potato composition may not be combined with meat and fish dishes, it is very well accepted by the organism in combination with vegetables. If you have the desire to eat green peas or corn, prefer frozen vegetables, not canned. In small amounts, be used in recipes pickled and salted vegetables. Pasta, like potatoes are not used as a garnish to meat and fish. Permissible combination of meat recipes in the system minus 60 with cereals, cheese and vegetables.

Perfect recipes for lunch

Salads, the first thing that you need to pay attention, exclude recipes that are stuffed with a huge amount of fat. Cuts of meat, multifunction vegetable salad, egg salad spicy, various combinations of salads with mushrooms, fish, pork, chicken, marinesafety with vegetables or fruit, bean, sea Kale, tomatoes stuffed with garlic cheese.

The system of minus 60 to recipes soups

A special greeting from Catherine mirimanova about soups and their recipes is not observed. She argues the inexpediency of such dishes every day on the dining table. Of fullness they not give for a long time and energy to mastering take much. Of course, if there is a habit to consume soups, to abandon them abruptly is not worth it. Pay attention to recipes such soups as:

Bean soup

Easy pea soup (fresh, frozen)

Vegetarian soup, soup

Green soup or borsch with egg

Hash of all kinds of vegetables

Thick soups


System minus 60, and recipes from vegetables

Most diets give preference to recipes from vegetables. The opinion of the founder of the system minus 60 is slightly at odds with them. Vegetable dishes may not be the main, and act as a complement to meat and potato varieties. Exclude vegetables, but rely only on their use is not necessary. This menu does not allow a long stay of food in the stomach, which may cause a strong desire to eat. If there are no health restrictions, fish, meat, try to eat at least once a day. In what recipes it is possible to pay attention to when preparing the menu for lunch:

Vegetable Solyanka with mushrooms

The vegetarian pilaf

Vegetable casseroles with rice

Vegetables stewed with rice

A variety of recipes with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms

Vegetables baked with cheese, eggs or potatoes

Potato roll

Stuffed tomatoes, eggplants, peppers



System minus 60 for meat recipes

For lunch it is desirable to diversify the diet recipes meat: beef stewed in Chinese, Provencal, vegetables, beef steaks, pork, chops, rolls, pockets, pork with vegetables, rice with meat, stuffed cabbage, boiled beef tongue, lamb stew, kebabs.

A special place among meat courses is the chicken, fish. System minus 60 by Ekaterina Mirimanova prefers the first fish, then chicken, beef and lastly pork. The fish has a special place thanks to the content of unique fatty acid complex, iodine, and other trace elements, so necessary for the human body.

First place in the system minus 60 be disposed such recipes of fish and meat dishes:

Pilaf with chicken, Turkey

Meat, baked with rice and vegetables



Chicken or fish baked in foil in the pot

Chicken stuffed with apples, buckwheat

Flounder in the Apple sauce

Jellied fish balls

Fish in vegetable sauce

Trout for a couple

Squid stewed

Ragout of scallops

Fish cakes

Stew, gefilte fish

Skewers of hake


For lunch you can enter recipes from noodles, pasta, etc. On the system minus 60 is not worth the noodles combined with meat and fish. Use any recipes pasta with vegetables, cheese, they are nutritious and will provide a feeling of satiety.

A special system of minus 60 recipes for dinner

Dinner should contain the least diversity in the number of dishes. It is advisable to eat meat, fish, but as a separate food, not mixing with any products. Get involved in plenty of salads for dinner minus 60 is not recommended. They saturate the body with food, and quickly the feeling of hunger.

Recipes for dinner, a huge variety. Most importantly the system minus 60 to choose one type of food. Here are a few recommended directions in recipes for dinner:

Salads . grated vegetables with apples, salad of boiled cabbage, vegetable caviar, rice with vegetables, tomatoes with garlic, spring salad, peppers with rice, beetroot with garlic and prunes…

Meat . lamb roll, pork stew, baked lamb, crushed, chicken stew, juicy grilled veal meat with citrus sauce, boiled meat with tomato sauce, chicken, chops stewed, jellied meat, chicken kebab, braised chicken, duck, baked with apples, etc.

Curd . cheese casserole with vegetables, with carrots, apples, prunes, lemon curd, carrot and cottage cheese patties.

The advantage of the system minus 60, and suggested recipes that it can be used as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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