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Festive salads – easy and quick to prepare

Festive salads are some of the main attributes of the festive table. There is an impressive huge amount, but because they can be cooked for any taste.

For many Housewives, the phrase cooking is synonymous with “Olivier”, “Presidential” or “Herring under a fur coat”. But actually today, the existence of various, sometimes even exotic products give the opportunity to prepare the most authentic dishes, but both want to surprise and please your guests with something special.

Festive salads are not that difficult to manufacture, as it may seem. However, that process itself will bring you pleasure. The main difference with festive dishes from the ordinary is the decoration. Because of the subtlety of the dish will depend largely on his triumph . For decoration requires a special knife and some practice, but even a novice in cooking will be able with great effort to cope with a similar task.

The combination of flavors of chicken and pineapple is very harmonious, perfectly complements the cheese, so they often make this salad with cheese. By the way, this salad can be made and flaky, just putting podgotovlennosti at each other and brushing each layer with sauce.

Sweet pie made of shortcake dough with jam And it is in vain, shortbread dough is easy to make at home and bake exactly what you want, with the taste of childhood. Put the cookie dough on the prepared baking sheet (previously covered with baking paper).

Chicken soup with broccoli If you prefer large pieces, it can not cut cabbage, and simply divide it into small florets. Continuing to stir the vegetables with flour and continue to cook about 10 minutes, until flour has become slightly Golden in color.

Read more the Recipe of salad with chicken breast or four variations of Hello, dear friends! My favorite regular readers already know that I have a child, which is very difficult to feed. Fresh herbs thoroughly under running water, Pat dry with paper towels and finely chop.

Ferment cabbage at home in Georgian It promotes weight loss and maintaining vitamin and mineral balance in the early spring, when Russia traditionally begins the post. Here is how time at this time is very much appreciated good ferment cabbage as supplies come to an end, and before the new crop is still far.

Chicken salad Just throw scraps of chicken into a small saucepan, cover with water, there also add sliced carrots. Now combine boiled proletarians of all countries, that is to say will add to the Russian chicken Chinese rice, dolgoborodova.

For example, salads mandatory seasoned just before serving, otherwise they quickly fall apart. Other recipes are not as good as this. Boiled vegetables: carrots, beets, potatoes grate.

Each salad can fill up different ingredients: vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream or any sauce.

Choose onions from the pan and in the oil fry the onions pickled boletus.

The highlight of the salad is that it can not fill with mayonnaise, as the asparagus after roasting gives the juice owing to what may be very mouth-watering weight.

Now the chopped tomatoes then place in a bowl with arugula.

I wish you a spring mood and delicious dishes! From salting the vegetables quickly “sit”, “shrivel”, you begin to allocate too much juice, so any salads salted at the last moment. Yes I agree can’t wrestle and cook as always traditional: Olivier, coat and crab sticks. Add a tablespoon of sugar, salt to taste, hot pepper, garlic, passed through press. Definitely try – you will like it, and he will become a regular dish at your holiday or everyday meal!

Put in a bowl of cabbage and chicken, mix and seasoned with homemade mayonnaise. Here are 3 recipe a delicious vegetable salads, but canned can be used in fresh form.

Chicken should be cut into pieces of medium size. Especially like this fresh and easy salad will come in handy on the holiday table or romantic dinner. It is good not only for its taste, so familiar and loved since childhood, but the undoubted benefit components of the salad. Salad with cabbage and carrots can be eaten during lent. Crackers you can use any (except fish).

Cooked chicken, cut into pieces, crushed pistachios, diced cucumber and egg, green grapes (each grape cut in half and remove seeds), chopped dill and mayonnaise. You need to know two things – what are the ingredients required for Your chosen salad and than to fill it. Divide the citrus into slices, chop them in cubes. When all the components laid out on a platter, you can remove the glass. Add spices, oil and let stand 1 hour, then boil for 5 minutes. Finely chop and mix them in equal proportions.

Red bell pepper – 2 PCs. (for slicing in salads it is better to take the elastic). Fry it until Golden brown in vegetable oil, onion remove.

Gorgeous salad with pine nuts combines the tastes of different countries. Hot on the salad put the cheese.

And today, vegetable salad! Then add salt and pepper to taste, add the greens and simmer for another 5 minutes. Next, add the tinned corn. It is prepared very simply and quickly, and allow all the ingredients to get amazing taste.

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