Business idea – sale of food cooked on the grill
BBQ grill fish What better business to open? The question, of course, rhetorical. To do better in what they do and what demand is. Based on the fact that people…

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The most horrible meals of the world
Eat loves every person. And many are not averse to try a new dish, to diversify, so to say, his tastes. The days when foie Gras, blue cheese or tequila…

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Exotic dishes of Egypt that are worth a try
Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt will appeal to all. Visiting Egypt, you should try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes. In ancient times, the Egyptians lived…

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Cooking salad recipes for every day – 5 recipes

Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options.

Fruit salad and fresh cabbage

300 grams of cabbage,

100 grams of apples,

50 grams of carrots,

50 grams of plums,

25 grams of raisins,

10 grams of green onions,

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise,

3 tablespoons of yogurt,

salt and sugar to taste.

Shredded cabbage mixed with salt and sugar, to RUB hands before juice occurrence. Wring out excess juice, add in cabbage, the grated apples and carrots,washed seedless raisins, chopped plums.

Add the yogurt to the mayonnaise and season them with salad, mix thoroughly. Put in bowl, sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Vitamin salad.

200 grams carrots,

30 grams green leaf lettuce,

100 grams of cucumbers

150 grams of apples,

100 grams tomato,

50 grams cherries,

50 grams of celery,

200 grams of sour cream,

2 tablespoons of quince juice,

sugar to taste.

Can shoot the bottom of the salad bowl lettuce, they put slides on the edge of the dishes of sliced fresh vegetables and fruits ( each type separately ): cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, Netanyahu celery root.

In the middle of the mound of grated carrots. Decorate the salad with cherries with pits removed, pour sour cream with dissolved sugar and quince juice.

Baskets of eggs with salad.

3 eggs,

3 tablespoons of cooked salad,

a sprig of parsley.

Hard-boiled eggs, purified, cut lengthwise into two parts. Remove the yolks and fill the salad prepared on a favorite recipe. On top decorate with parsley.

Tomato stuffed salad.

2 tomatoes,

4 tablespoons beef salad,

black ground pepper and salt to taste.

Large ripe tomatoes wash and remove the pulp from the core. The inner walls RUB some salt and pepper, then fill with meat salad.

Salad from fresh cucumbers with honey.

400 grams of cucumbers

60 grams of fresh honey.

Cucumbers peel, cut into small cubes. Before serving, pour honey.

The most expensive desserts in the world
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The most delicious dishes of the 24 countries that are worth a try for everyone
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