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Eating right: recipes

Eating right: recipes for every day can be not only useful, but also tasty, eye-pleasing appearance, exuding a delightful aroma. It is important to approach the preparation of their menu, because proper nutrition isn’t only low-fat cottage cheese and salad leaves. Today, eating properly, people will not stay hungry or unsatisfied (in gastronomic terms).

If you start to eat correctly, without any diet the extra pounds will start to leave. Of course, it will be gradual, but the result will persist for a long time. Plus, the normalization of weight you want to add a General improvement in well-being, feel relaxed and always in a good mood.

What to consider in the process of drawing up the right menu:

• Each day the body must do proteins and carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. That is, in products for the correct nutrition all of this should contain.

• Proper food eliminates the feeling of hunger. You can eat the right amount of food and not overeat.

• It is important to follow the diet: eat every 3 hours but small portions. The body cannot be allowed to starve, otherwise, received after hungry the food will be immediately transferred by the body as fat.

• From sweets to refuse not to, but taking them need sokratitel than once a week. You will not deny myself the pleasure but will not gain extra pounds.

• Preferred heat treatment of food – cooking, stewing, cooking in the oven. From frying and Smoking should be avoided.

Eating right: recipes with Photos for each day from dietitians (detailed recipes with Pictures are looking through the search)


• The ideal Breakfast usual boiled oatmeal gruel.

• The dinner must include hot liquid dish. For example, from fresh cabbage you can prepare a nourishing soup.

• Afternoon snack. It is time to saturate the body with vitamins. Make a casserole of cauliflower and broccoli.

• For dinner you can eat a piece of baked chicken and a few potatoes. Also to add diet salad with fresh carrots and prunes.

Tip! The combination of carbohydrates and protein is a great option for lunch. So, the first dish with vegetables cooked in meat broth, perfect for lunch


• Breakfast. Traditionally don’t need to indulge in cooked oatmeal on the water.

• Lunch. Cook noodle soup with chicken broth, of course, with the addition of pieces of boiled chicken.

• In the afternoon will still have yesterday’s casserole with different kinds of cabbage.

• Dinner may include fish cakes cooked in the oven or steamed.

Tip! In your right diet is necessary to include different types of cabbage are an excellent source of vitamin C and rare trace elements.

• Breakfast for a change, can make millet porridge made with water.

• Lunch. You can safely eat yesterday soup with boiled chicken and a small amount of vermicelli.

• In the afternoon, the perfect dish is cheesecake.

• Dinner includes those fish cakes that have remained since yesterday.

Tip! Porridge tomorrow to cook on the water. If this Breakfast seems boring, by the clover you can always add chopped fruits or berries. It will be the perfect proper diet (recipes) for every day for girls.

• Again, for Breakfast you can easily prepare oatmeal or millet porridge.

• For lunch eat a hot liquid dish. For example, soup with potatoes and celery.

• In the afternoon, since the environment remained the most delicious cheese casserole.

• Dinner can be cooked from cabbage and minced chicken, lazy cabbage rolls: quick and tasty. Also, add to the cabbage salad with celery. radishes and fresh cucumbers.

Tip! Try cooking the right dishes to use a minimum of salt. A day can not eat more dessert spoons of salt in a compartment. Better already ready dosalivat food, but to teach yourself to cook without using salt.

• Breakfast it is time to diversify again. So, prepare yourself barley porridge on the water.

• For lunch eat a soup with potatoes and celery that is left from lunch on Thursday.

• In the afternoon you can make a pudding from rice to apples.

• Dinner happy again with lazy cabbage rolls and fresh salad with radish and cucumbers.

• Saturday Breakfast you can’t afford porridge, and sausages of salmon and two slices of rye bread.

• For lunch go ahead and cook soup or rice with chicken meatballs and spinach.

• At lunch we eat the same rice pudding with apples.

• Dinner may include a piece of roasted meat with vegetables. Also, make a salad with fresh cabbage and Apple.

Tip! In the correct meals every day quickly have to be a lot of different vegetables. They give your body vitamins and minerals. Also every week try to eat fish dishes of salmon, because they contain a lot of polyunsaturated acids.

As for the menu on Sunday, you can make yourself, based on personal preferences. Sunday can be a bit to pamper yourself and give up the slack, in the afternoon to eat the cake. But dinner must be easy to prepare the body to proper balanced diet and next week too.

Agree that proper nutrition. recipes with Photos for each day can be tasty, appetizing and very nutritious. The body quickly gets used to this format menu and pleases not only losing pounds, but feeling well overall.

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