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Cheap salads recipes
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Recipes vegetable salads

During fasts, are very popular vegetable salads, the recipes of which are very diverse and although their composition does not include products containing animal fats and meats, they are all tasty and nutritious.

Vegetable salad with arugula, tomatoes and radishes.

Usually delicious meatless salads, the recipes are very diverse, all contain a lot of vegetables and herbs, prepare this salad we are now going to do with you.

The necessary ingredients for cooking vegetable vegetable salad:

– arugula – one bunch;

– lemon juice – two teaspoons;

– pine nuts – one tablespoon;

– sea salt – to taste;

– black ground pepper – to taste.

Method of preparation in stages.

The stage first. Let’s start with rucola, we thoroughly rinse them under cold running water and Pat dry, spread out on a cotton kitchen towel.

The second stage. Further prepared rucola tear into small pieces with your hands, as in the case of preparation of salad with arugula and quail egg. to use for these purposes, a knife is not recommended.

The third stage. The fruits of the radish, wash, dry, carefully cut each root end and the top, and the rest cut into thin circles. If you have a very large radish, you can slice it polukruzhochkami.

The fourth stage. Now take the tomatoes, wash them thoroughly, obsesive and carefully with a sharp knife cut into two halves.

The fifth phase. Form our salad into serving plate, first place the arugula and slightly sbryzgivaem lemon juice.

The sixth phase. Further on top of arugula lay out circles of radish and half a cherry tomato. Silent vegetables on top add some salt coarse sea salt and season with ground black pepper.

The seventh phase. Then pour our salad, and other simple vegetable salads recipes are very diverse, olive or sunflower oil and lemon juice.

The eighth stage at the end sprinkle top of salad with pine nuts and served it to the table.

Vegetable salad with potatoes, mushrooms and green peas

Vegetable salads recipes with mushrooms is very popular, as are mushrooms a protein product that can fully replace meat and meat products. Let’s prepare one of these salads with mushrooms.

Necessary ingredients to prepare vegetable salad with mushrooms:

– potatoes – six to eight fruit of medium size;

– onions – one onion of medium size;

– fresh parsley – one bunch;

– big salt – to taste;

– black ground pepper – to taste;

– vegetable oil (sunflower ) – for refueling.

Method of preparation in stages.

The stage first. Let’s start with the potatoes. it together with skin thoroughly wash them, pour cold water and boil unpeeled until they are tender.

The second stage. Then finish the potatoes cool, remove the peel and cut into circles, thickness seven to nine millimeters, then each circle cut in half into two parts, but if the potatoes are large, then four.

The third stage. Then take pickled mushrooms, wash them from the marinade in running cold water, allow to drain, then cut each fungus a thin plate. If the mushrooms are small, leave them whole.

The fourth stage. Pickled cucumbers, cut lengthwise into two parts, then each part again in half lengthwise and then cut into thin slices.

The fifth phase. Onions cleaned from the husk and cut into thin half-rings, then soak it for seven or ten minutes in hot water to make a withdrawal unpleasant bitterness.

The sixth phase. Combine in a bowl all the prepared ingredients, and add the green peas, pre-draining of all liquid.

The seventh phase. To further add to the salad with salt and ground black pepper to taste and season it with sunflower oil.

In addition to salads with mushrooms, a highly nutritious vegetable salads recipes with beans, because beans also contain a lot of protein, their Moreno to cook for a regular dinner, like salads and birthday and other celebrations.

Vegetable salad with potato and smoked mackerel.

The least popular vegetable salads recipes with fish, as they are prepared on the occasion of festivals, and everyday meals. How to prepare one of these salads will be described below.

Necessary for the salad ingredients:

– fresh cucumber – one hundred grams;

– Apple sour-sweet varieties – one fruit of medium size;

green onion – one bunch;

– lemon juice -one tablespoon;

– sugar- one pinch;

– salt – to taste;

– ground black pepper.

Method of preparation in stages.

The stage first. Potatoes thoroughly wash them straight from the peel, and then boil in their skins until fully cooked.

The second stage. Next, the boiled potato cools, cleaned and cut into small cubes.

The third stage. Then take mackerel, separate it from bones and cut into small pieces.

The fourth stage. Now take a cucumber, cut it with the peel and chop the rest into cubes.

The fifth phase. After the cucumber take the Apple, it also my, cleaned, remove the seed box and cut into small cubes. That Apple has not darkened immediately sbryzgivaem it with fresh lemon juice.

The sixth phase. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add salt a little salad, seasoned with ground black pepper and pour vegetable oil.

By the same principle you can prepare vegetable salad, the recipe of which is not much different, the only thing you will need to do is boil the meat of the squid.

Cheap salads recipes
We all sometimes find ourselves in a situation where you need to receive visitors, and Finance, as they say, "sing romances". The situation is not rare. But if the soldiers…


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