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Snacks: easy recipes their diversity

How to learn more about the world of snacks? Prepare snacks by yourself? Like to Tinker with your stove, to surprise your family and guests with culinary delights? You want to know more about the snacks, and learn how to prepare snacks? Just read this article! Especially for you, dear fans of cooking, we put everything on the shelves. You will learn simple recipes snacks how to cook a delicious and beautiful snack snacks to work, holidays and everyday fare, cheap and expensive snacks, light and simple snacks.

A bit of history

The word “snack” comes from the culinary world – France, it means “food served before a meal”. Actually, the way it is: appetizers are meant to awaken the appetite before taking main courses. So they are served in small portions, finely chopped.

Often, at various social events, for the purpose of advertising and increasing consumer demand, give out free snacks to everyone. When arranged reception or light meal, delicious snacks to the table act as the main dishes.

A few days before the event make a list of snacks that you plan to file. Find interesting recipes appetizers. Sometimes, very simple appetizers one can apply that they will go for the unusual and original. Do not forget that the preparation of light snacks won’t take Iong, but they should be submitted fresh.

Meals it is customary to drink alcoholic beverages. An aperitif or a stack of stronger drink. But alcoholic drinks are optional.

For children’s or youth feast serve fun snacks in the form of various figures and characters, superseksi suitable for a particularly important event, because the ingredients for them are quite expensive, and the cooking process is laborious.

The types of snacks

Snacks there are cold and hot. Snacks include a variety of pickles, home-made:

Delicious meals are obtained from meat and meat delicacies, various fish products and seafood, cheeses, vegetables and fruits.

Preparation of snacks for any occasion must be approached intelligently and responsibly depends on what the effect would be on the holiday table.

There is a whole science about snacks – how to prepare, how to apply, how to file. It’s too complicated? No, any passionate person can learn the cooking skill.

Each hostess certainly there are various recipes of appetizers to the table.

Serve snacks

In the queue are first boiled or pickled fish, caviar and caviar dishes.

After serving a variety of salads.

Then the meat cold appetizers, hot appetizers, if they are enabled in the menu.

If the guests are few, delivers the meals herself, but when a lot of guests, they serve each other.

Serving dishes are small snack plates and serving bowls. To serve start with lady that sits at the right hand of the master. To your normal daily meals with the household fit 1-2 light tasty snacks, festive tables and plenty of snacks – restrictions is almost non-existent – just not to overdo it!

Simple and cheap snacks from the available set of ingredients can prepare even every day. Cooking on our portal you can always find recipes appetizers.

Meals can be festive dishes. Read more here. If among the guests are vegetarians, you can find a lot of recipes of snacks for them. About vegetarian cuisine, read this article .

Cold appetizers

Cold appetizers – a real salvation for ever-busy Housewives. They are quick to prepare, very tasty and suitable even for children. Delicious recipes for snacks sure to have moms, aunts, grandmothers.

For the holiday feast is for the more expensive ingredients and complex recipes, but for everyday table, even beautifully decorated and Packed in a simple aesthetic tableware, cutting of sausages and cooked meat will arouse the appetite.

For feast on the basis of pita bread and tartlets can be prepared amazingly delicious meals from a variety of toppings. Sandwiches, canapés – also a way out of the situation.

Cook yourself a delicious sandwich butter with a filling of pureed ingredients, beautifully laid on a piece of bread vegetables, meat or fish, cheese and garnish with herbs, you will receive a hearty and original snack. The appetizers can be turned into fun, useful and joyful at the same time.

Nice snacks on the table is half the battle. So get creative, watch the video snacks on the holiday table – you’ll definitely a couple of ideas for your own original dishes. Beautiful recipes snacks always record.

Hot snacks

What is the difference between hot snacks from the main hot dishes? As a rule, they are:

have spicy, peppery taste;

served in small portions;

designed to curb your appetite in anticipation of main hot dishes.

Entrees served with a side dish included in their composition. All the ingredients are chopped into fine pieces. Hot snacks are served in small portions dish.

Hot appetizers include:

various zhyuleny;

hot sandwiches;

stewed, boiled, fried dishes.

If you are a person original, super snacks cook’s own recipe and the recipes of the most delicious snacks give each of its guests.

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