Light daily salads - salad Recipes
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Festive salads - easy and quick to prepare
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Fast for a meal or suddenly descended on the guests

The holidays are almost behind us all, and the guests just keep coming. But it’s good! So love Your house, consider You to be a cordial host, with You nice and easy. Yeah and anybody from friends does not require posh snacks. Quite simple treats – snacks, bottles of good wine (it can be purchased in advance and stored for just such an occasion) and cake or pie for tea. And today we want to talk about how to set the table for guests quickly. This will help us a quick snack to the table . salad “Kaleidoscope” and a loaf of pita bread. Of course, in the store to escape anyway, but to cook food You will spend the least time. After all, darlings, in order to lead.

If guests have warned You at least three hours of his arrival, You may even have enough time to make the dish more dense, for example the second in the pots. To prepare to spend a little time, and the rest will finish the oven. The salad can be prepared with chicken “Tenderness”. but “Kaleidoscope”. The latter will be discussed below. For tea it is quite possible to have time to make an Apple pie .

Well, if you almost already at the door and You only have time to run to the store, then offer you two dishes to cook which spend 20 Minutemen. Guests just strip naked and look around, and You cook the food. Of course, the cake You cook will not manage – it is possible to buy, and to make the salad and appetizer roll (after buying the same salad in the store and more expensive and not as secure). So,

Salad “Kaleidoscope”

1 jar of green peas

1 can of corn,

1 can beans (white or red at Your discretion, but red is prettier)

1 package (small) croutons (flavor of Your choice)


Preparation: in a salad bowl pour from the cans (pre-drain the water from them) corn, peas, beans. Pour the crackers and all dressed with mayonnaise. The amount of mayonnaise depends on Your tastes. But just do not overdo it, or it will be too watery. In this salad it is Important to remember to fill the crackers must be not earlier than 30 minutes before serving. Otherwise the crackers will get soggy too and not be so tasty.

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