Cooking salad recipes for every day - 5 recipes
Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options. Fruit salad and fresh cabbage 300 grams of…

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Cooking salad recipes for every day - 5 recipes
Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options. Fruit salad and fresh cabbage 300 grams of…

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Unusual ice creams: ibigdan

Fried ice cream

Fried ice cream is a popular dessert in Mexico. Prepared simply rolled balls of ice cream the size of an Apple and a good frozen, then consistently falling in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs, frozen again, and just before serving, quickly fried in vegetable oil deep fried.

Corn ice cream

Corn on the cob cooked on low heat in milk and cream, which absorb the unique taste of corn. Ice cream unusual, but according to writers, it’s a miracle people; taste simply stunning!

Tomato ice cream

Few people know, but tomato ice cream before even produced in the USSR, you can now see it on the shelves in Japan, where it is quite common. The main ingredients are tomatoes, add cream, tomato paste, garlic, Bay leaf and freshly ground black pepper.

Garlic ice cream

One of the most exotic dishes. For his preparation use pre-frozen garlic puree. When cooking already melted add mashed potatoes brought to the boil the cream and milk, mixed with a worn yolk.

Onion ice cream

This ice cream is a mystery to many. Most don’t even believe in his existence, but it really is! Before cooking locationat of bitterness and odor by passaging. Then send in blender eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. They say that onion ice cream is very fragrant and tasty.

Bacon ice cream

Army of lovers bacon huge and especially for them, ice cream expert David Lebowitz (Devid Lebovitz) decided to prove that bacon is suitable not only for Breakfast. He created a new variety of ice cream on the basis of glazed bacon. On view it turns out very appetizing and this dish has already gained considerable popularity.

Carrot ice cream with curry

The composition of carrot ice cream are cream, milk, coconut milk, egg yolks, carrots, sugar and spices. Looks pretty tempting, and try it, if you have the opportunity, definitely worth it.

Ice cream octopus

In order to fight off the smell of an octopus, his need for eight hours to boil in the black tea. What comes out of it in the end, the taste is difficult to imagine.

Ice cream with pepper

Another kind of unusual ice cream. It consists of heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar and freshly ground mixture of peppers. In the process of freezing, ice cream constantly stirred to pepper distributed evenly. I love this ice cream even children!

Ginger ice cream

To prepare ginger ice cream easier. Pickled ginger is whipped in a blender together with sugar and mixed with the cream, pour into molds and freeze. The taste of this dish is quite specific.

Ice cream with green tea

People, have tried ice cream with green tea, claim that it’s great. There are many recipes of this ice cream, but they differ in molecularity of its constituent products. The main components of green tea, water and beaten egg whites.

Potato ice cream

Food company “Aunt Bessie” is trying to breathe new life into the fate of ice cream, replacing it with the basic components of the various alternatives. The company released a new kind of ice cream and potato horn. It consists of mashed potatoes, sausage, sauce and green peas. Now ice cream can be eaten not only as dessert.

Ice cream fish

The process of making ice cream out of fish is quite complex and there are few difficulties. Fish contains large amounts of water, which when frozen becomes solid like a stone, but Sato (Creator of the first fish ice cream) solved this problem by soaking the fish with alcohol. To destroy the strong fishy smell of the fish is soaked in milk, egg liqueur, whisky, brandy, other spirits, then add the nuts, almonds and chocolate.

Ice cream charcoal

Ice cream charcoal is dark gray in color and, apparently, is one of the cheapest. It is difficult to assume that it represents the taste is probably something like activated charcoal.

Ice cream black sesame

He inedible only the color, but it’s decent 🙂

Ice cream with viagra

Here’s what else was missing in the world! Only here who uses it instead of viagra – is unclear.

Ice cream with wasabi

Ice-cream of shrimp

Cream of chicken wings

Nagoya is famous for its poultry. The Japanese wouldn’t be Japanese if the city does not appear chicken ice cream. Taste to introduce this dish is quite easy – chicken wings in ice cream instead of the usual sauce.

Ice cream eel

Eel in Japan is a delicacy, so it is not surprising that the Japanese decided to use it as a core component for ice cream. Many believe that soft unlike anything the taste is quite acceptable for the dish could still be called ice cream.

Golden ice cream

Golden ice cream is the most expensive in the world, one serving can cost $1000. It is served only in the most elite restaurants of the largest cities in the United States. In a glass of delicious ice cream put layers of gold foil with a thickness less than a human hair, rare fruits and berries. The dish is eaten with a gold foil that is so thin that no harm to body without. I think this ice cream to try no one will refuse.

And that’s not all

The number of varieties of ice cream is growing every day and as a surprise, but appetite they did not add, as make it from a strange, seemingly not suitable for this products. For example, all in the same Japan now you can buy ice cream from sea salt, whale meat, Magnolia turtles, cedar chips, cactus, pickled orchids, shark fin, roasted eggplant, mushrooms, seaweed, beer, wine, roast pork, durian, Bay leaf, mustard and in General of all that comes to mind. By the way, have you noticed that the main “scumbag perverts” working there. )

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