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Not for the faint of heart

The most exotic dishes of the planet

In the West found a replacement to traditional food, which, possibly, soon will not be missed in connection with steadily growing population of the planet.

In the usual diet of modern Americans and Europeans gradually introduced products from insects, a culinary innovation that has migrated from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Nutritious meal of grasshoppers, high-calorie oil from termites, crispy chips from crickets or worms glazed in chocolate — sounds like the least bizarre. However, the statistics suggests otherwise: nearly two billion people (almost a third of the population of the planet) regularly consume insects as food. However, in Europe and the US to such delicacies have always been treated with suspicion. The situation has changed in just the last couple of years and, according to experts, by 2020 in the Old World will eat foods from insects to seventy million dollars, and in the world — a third of a billion!

By the way, many businessmen have already seen this gold mine. Only in North America for the past three years, was founded twenty-five companies for the production of food from crickets, cervelli larvae. And in the case of such business are quite successful.

So, the Director of the company, which is engaged in the production of flour from crickets, admitted in an interview with Fortune magazine that last year his company earned two hundred million dollars, and in the coming years it is planned to increase revenue by three times.

Europe, too, is not far behind. In the Netherlands, supermarket chain Jumpo has included in its range of burgers from flour worms. It is a pleasure about seven dollars and a half. But the supermarkets sell pre-Packed snacks from the larvae of moths that are positioned as nutritious and healthy alternative to meat.

Unlike grasslands, which occupy more than 70 percent of all agricultural lands, insects not require, multiply quickly, and most importantly — they are quite nutritious: one hundred grams of cricket meat contains 21 grams of protein, and a piece of beef of the same weight — 26.

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