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10 most exotic fruits

Rambutan – a tropical fruit tree of the family spindown. Fruits are small, about the size of hazelnuts – grow clusters to 30 pieces and are a rounded “balls” with the elastic skin is yellow or red, covered with fleshy hairs length 4-5 see the Flesh covering the bone (edible, but tastes like an acorn), is a translucent white gelatinous mass, a pleasant sweet taste.

Indian fruit jackfruit, very similar to the bread fruit, is grown in Thailand and other countries in Eastern Asia for many centuries.

All the components of the jackfruit is edible. Flowers blanshirovat fruit in the form to add hot peppers or shrimp sauce. Young leaves can be raw, added to salad came with papaya. Is used everything. The flesh of the jackfruit blends well with ice-cream and other fruits and sweets, especially the pulp in coconut milk in fruit salad. From jackfruit to make an unusual filling for pies and even slice and bake fruit as vegetables.

Passion fruit is usually oval or round, depending on variety of fruit. Passion fruit is among the juicy fruits. Unripe fruit is green, and the rind of Mature fruit is purple, deltaiii brownish-orange in different varieties of passion fruit. The rind of the fruit has smooth surface and is divided into three layers. The flesh is a little bitter, but it has a great fragrance. Inside each fruit is a lot of black seeds. Passion fruit grows well in areas of cool climate. Peak yield is in October-November. (The size of the fruit is on average 4-7. 5 cm)

In the 17th century, Chinese immigrants brought to Thailand fragrant lychee fruit, which was cultivated in southern China for a long time. This fruit is similar to rambutan and the longan grows in clusters on small evergreen trees whose height does not exceed 10 meters and which have thick foliage In Thailand is grown about 20 varieties of litchi. Three of them are the most exported: hong huai, the fruit is oval, covered with soft yellowish-pinkish-red skin and has a sweet and slightly sour taste; kirn cheng, ball-shaped fruit is bright red with small seeds, very sweet taste; chakmphat, large, spherical, very sweet fruit, bright red with small seeds.

Carom has an oval shape, the fruit consists of 3-5 lobes. If you cut the starfruit crosswise halves are shaped like a star. The rind of the fruit is smooth and shiny, light green color. When the cannon arrives, he becomes yellow. The juicy pulp of the fruit can be bitter, and sweet flavor depending on the varieties of cannon. Inside each fruit 8 to 12 grains. Peak harvest cannon is in October, this fruit is grown throughout Thailand. In cannon contain carbohydrates, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. (The average diameter of the fruit is 5-8 cm and the length is 10-12 cm.)

It is believed that mangosteen, often called the “Queen of tropical fruits”, originally started to grow in Malaysia, and then throughout South Asia. A traveler who visited Thailand in the 17th century describes the mangosteen: “the Heart of a bull – so called this fruit because of its shape and size; Mangosteen rind thin, and the flesh, which the natives call mancout, resembles cream, very pleasant to the taste”. Mangosteen with refined taste, as well as an attractive and exotic appearance, are very popular in Thailand. Native to Thailand, the variety mangosteen has a round shape, the outside is characterized by dark purple, and pinkish on the inside of the fruit peel; fruit crowned with the top beam of the leaves. The fruit consists of several parts, at least three, but usually five or six, inside is white sweet and aromatic flesh, the taste of which is something between a peach and grapes. You can play the game”guessing game”: count the number of “planar slices” of the stem and in the lower part of the fruit, and try to determine how many parts is the fruit.

Fresh, petite, looks like an orange fruit about the size of very large olives. Used as decoration, but not always. This pygmy of the citrus family is grown in China, Japan and the USA. Edible orange ring – sweet contrast to the sour and fairly dry pulp. In General, the entire fruit can be eaten, although most ripe fruit cut in wedges and use for decoration for example at the edges of the salads or other dishes or drinks. Most often, this fruit can be found in cooked: candied, pickled whole or in marmalade. Fresh fruits are available from November to March. Look for firm fruit without damage. You can store it in the fridge in a plastic container about a month. This fruit contains znachitelnoe amounts of vitamins A and C.

Durian, often called the “king of Thai fruits”, weighs 2 to 10 pounds, and the rind of durian strewn with thorns threatening type and size. In Thailand and in many Asian countries, durian is considered to be delightful and even captivating fruit. It is common knowledge that durians growing in Thailand – the most delicious in the world, so in the markets is one of the most expensive, but popular fruit.

Dragon fruit ( Thai name – geow mangon) – bright pink fruit the size of a small Apple, but a little oblong. Color – bright pink. The peel consists of major scales, and the edges of the “scales” – bright light green or green.If you peel the thin skin (slightly incise the skin with a knife and peel like an orange), then inside will be thick white, red or purple flesh with many small seeds, like kiwi, which fills the entire volume.

This melon with horns was born in the Kalahari desert. They say that it is very tasty. In the extreme case, come to serve

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