Easter table: top 5 meat dishes
After lent on Easter the table meat dishes predominate. I WANT to share with you the recipes of traditional Easter dishes and wishes you happy holidays! Ingredients: Lean pork ham…

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Exotic dishes of Egypt that are worth a try
Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt will appeal to all. Visiting Egypt, you should try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes. In ancient times, the Egyptians lived…

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Garnishes for meat dishes
Meat and fish, brains fry just before dinner and immediately serve. After standing for some time after cooking and podshow, these dishes lose a lot in taste and quality. Purchased…

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Appetizer of eggplant and tomatoes

Today this vegetable is very popular in the world because it has many remarkable properties. If you constantly consume eggplant, this will really bring benefit to our body. Therefore, the proposed […]

Caprese Salad

This salad is popular in Italy, as well as “Olivier” in our mills. This dish is light, but hearty, and does not overload the body. Pancake cake with banana frosting walnut

Pancakes cakes cooking pancakes – yeast or fresh. Collect them one on one, promazyvaya filling. The filling can be different. For example, can make a cake with […]

Pies with cabbage

Pies with cabbage has long been popular, and they occupy an important place on our tables, not only on everyday.

Meat Solyanka

This hodgepodge is a classic dish in Russian cuisine. Great Russia has always been famous for its wonderful meat stew. Of course, you cannot prepare the dish according to old Russian recipe, because

Homemade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is often used as a primary dressing for salads. With homemade mayonnaise you can improvise, because you can add different products, notoriuosly change the taste

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms

This dish is considered the national Russian food and is one of the main places in cooking. The word “mess” always to be found in various Russian Proverbs, fairy tales, sayings and […]

Egg nest

This dish is a scrambled eggs with cheese, but it looks very interesting. Prepare the egg nest can for Breakfast. The dish is delicious and quite appetizing. In addition […]

Mackerel baked in foil

Baking in foil is one of the best options for cooking food, because the products have a natural taste, while retaining useful properties. Very easy to prepare product — mackerel. […]

Rye rolls with onion

These scones are a great addition to a hot soup. Any soup that you are served with fresh rolls, your family will eat with great pleasure! When […]

Hungarian goulash

Each country has its national dish. Today we offer you to make an interesting stew that is very popular in Hungary. This recipe is quite simple and all the ingredients […]

Pate chicken liver with mushrooms

Today we will talk about how to prepare the pate chicken liver with mushrooms.

Potatoes with mushrooms in cream

Mushrooms and potatoes is a great combination, and if you add cream, then get an amazing meal that will satisfy the taste demands of all households, because […]

Eggplant caviar

This caviar is very tasty and useful. Many love the snack due to its flavor, but nutritionists recommend eating the product, because it is low in calories, contain fiber, potassium, in addition […]

Chicken breast topped with spinach sauce

Chicken contains protein, has a good taste and smell. Thanks to such as the chicken dishes are often used for diet menu. Today, you can prepare a variety of dishes […]

Potato gratin

The potato is a very popular vegetable because it can be cooked many dishes. However, the AU gratin potatoes – this is something special. This dish cannot be considered […]

Meat by-tradesmen with mushrooms

Russian cuisine has many meat dishes. Our ancestors often cooked various kinds of meat. Therefore, we offer you to cook interesting dish — meat on-kupecheski. It is impossible to tell when […]

Lazy vareniks of cottage cheese

Lazy dumplings are airy, fluffy and tender, without too much flour. To cook them pretty easily and they grow in boiled 3 times, so from 500 gr. […]

Energy bars

Many products sold in stores, unnatural, and therefore use them. This also applies to store-bought energy bars, which together with proteins, fats, also contain […]

Curd cake with banana

This recipe will help you when you want to make something delicious and out of ideas. You will get a great cake that would gladly eat up all your family. To prepare […]

Forbes: the Most exotic dishes of Asia
Beetles, snakes, and saliva of the birds constitute a favourite diet of Asians Whose testicles seem to be more mouth-watering Taiwanese rooster or a bull? This question is raised by…


Appetizer of eggplant and tomatoes Today this vegetable is very popular in the world because it has many remarkable properties. If you constantly consume eggplant, this will really bring benefit…