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Simple salads every day: recipes

Modern Housewives do not have time every day to delight the culinary delights of their relatives. They usually cook simple meals from simple ingredients, paying attention to the quality of the food, not the decor. So we want to tell you how to prepare simple salads every day, and share the most interesting recipes.

Vegetable salad with tuna

As a rule, simple vegetable salads are prepared every day using what is at hand. However, we propose to complement a dish of canned fish, which will make it more satisfying. This salad can replace a full dinner to those who decided to lose weight and to diet. Recipe preparation:

Cucumber, tomato and two boiled eggs cut into cubes.

Lettuce leaves thoroughly under running water and Pat dry.

Open a can of tuna and mash contents with a fork.

For the sauce, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, salt and lemon juice to taste.

This dish may be prepared and served in portions. So on each plate put salad leaves, they put the cucumbers, and the ring around the tomato. Pour the vegetable sauce. Sprinkle with chopped cucumbers tuna and eggs, and then serve the dish to the table.

Like all simple salads every day, this dish can be prepared in minutes.

Salad with sausage

Speaking of salads for every day simple products, we cannot fail to mention one of the most popular snacks. If suddenly descended guests, or you just decided to eat, then you certainly need to use this recipe:

Peel, cut into half rings and fry in a pan one white onion.

Whisk with a fork or kitchen whisk four eggs and then pour them in the pan to the onions. Fry the pancake on both sides. When it cools, cut it into thin strips.

250 grams ham or cooked sausage cut into cubes long.

Canned mushrooms (one can) cut in slices.

In a large salad bowl, connect the prepared ingredients, season with salt, crushed garlic, chopped greens and mayonnaise.

Salad mix and put it in the fridge so all the ingredients are soaked with sauce. After half an hour, serve an appetizer to the table.

Sprat salad

If you decide to eat, and to bother with cooking dinner, no strength, create a salad in our recipe. You can use it as spreads for sandwiches or served up as a snack for wine. If desired, instead of sprat can take any canned fish. Recipe preparation:

Open tin, drain the oil and remove the sprat tails.

Put the fish in a bowl, mash it with a fork and sprinkle with chopped onions.

Finely chop two boiled eggs and three pickled cucumber.

Open a jar of canned corn, drain the liquid and mix its contents with the remaining ingredients.

Dress the salad with salt and mayonnaise, and then serve immediately to the table. If desired, serve with him fresh bread or baguette, cut into slices and dried in a heated oven.

Summer salad with feta cheese

When you learn how to cook the most simple salads every day, then pay attention to the most profitable product mix. So, cheese or any pickled cheese is great for fresh vegetables. How to cook easy summer salad:

150 grams of fresh cucumbers, 150 grams of young zucchini cut into thin rings.

150 grams of sweet pepper remove seeds and cut into strips.

200 grams of tomatoes cut into slices.

Mix the ingredients together in a salad bowl, add the herbs Basil and drizzle with the lemon juice products.

Add the lettuce, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and mix well.

Decompose the dish on plates, cut each slice of cheese and drizzle with olive oil. Summer salad immediately served to the table. Like other simple salads every day, this dish is very good for health and goes well with meat or fish dishes.

Cabbage salad with corn

Most often from foods such as sausage, crab sticks or canned corn, prepares simple salads every day. Recipes, of course, differ from each other, but usually the essence is not changed. Therefore, we suggest you prepare a delicious salad of corn and vegetables:

Half a small plug of fresh cabbage chop thin strips, place into a large bowl and mash with hands, to appear juice.

One large carrot peel and grate. To give the vegetables a beautiful shape, you can use a grater for Korean carrot.

Cut into cubes one package of crab sticks.

Open one jar of canned corn.

Mix the ingredients with cabbage, dress with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper.

Like many simple salads on each day, this dish will fit for a regular dinner and for the holiday table. It is also perfect for a meatless table, if you replace the mayonnaise with olive oil.

Salad “Russian”

This is a useful and tasty dish of fresh vegetables is a real storehouse of vitamins. So you can prepare your salad at any time of the year and to please close the original snack. Recipe preparation:

RUB on a small grater peeled carrot.

A quarter of a fork with fresh (preferably young) cabbage chop thin strips.

Peel one small green radish, one medium Apple cut in half and remove the core. Products grate on medium or fine grater.

For the filling, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, half a teaspoon of vinegar, salt to taste, a little sugar, a pinch of black and a pinch of red pepper.

Fill the resulting sauce salad and mix thoroughly.

We hope you liked the presents simple salads every day. The recipes that we have collected in this article will help you prepare for unexpected visitors or quickly prepare a snack for their loved ones.

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