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Traditional Indian cuisine, Indian dishes

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture

Indian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. It has its traditional characteristics and other peculiar features that distinguish it from all others. Of course, like any exotic cuisine, it provokes mixed feelings, some like it, some don’t. Although it is full of different recipes, so that’s definitely something interesting can be found.

As a rule, the distinguishing feature of this cuisine is called the abundance of vegetarian dishes. Hindus generally don’t eat a lot of meat – cows are sacred animals, and their own religious views are encouraged to appreciate and to love life in any form.

Kitchen of India reflects the characteristics of this people, its philosophy and traditions. Generally, when considered as an element of world culture, there are plenty of recipes of vegetarian dishes, i.e. to some extent here to contact when you want some variety without meat.

The main elements can be called beans, vegetables and spices in India have a special place, and has long been one of the main goods for trade. The most popular Indian spice – curry. In addition to this also quite often in Indian dishes use rice.

One of the traditional dishes – Thali, is a rice, bread cake and spices. Also you can athleticshop dhal, cooked on the basis of beans and various spices.

A little about beef and meat.

As we know, Hinduism said that cow is a sacred animal that is forbidden to raise a hand and must be strictly read. Accordingly, the beef is not eaten in India. Even in ancient times, with the flourishing of Buddhism during the reign of Ashoka meat dishes have become extremely unpopular for Indian cuisine. They began to meet less and less.

The question arises, whether Hindus eat meat at all?

Yes, eat, because India is a multinational country. Here along with the present Hinduism and other religions, including Islam. Just when he began to thrive and appear again, returned to diet of the Hindus and meat.

First it was the chicken tandoori – marinated in yogurt and spiced chicken roasted in a special oven. They are known for their distinctive bright reddish tinge, which is achieved due to the marinating. The mixture for the pickle consists of various varieties of peppers and some other hot spices.

It is so popular that in one name “tandoori-Masal”. Serving the chicken with rice and naan. In fact, this recipe is one way to bake chicken that you can make even a regular grill.

There are also other popular Indian dishes:

Curry meal;

Mung beans;



Masheva porridge;

Chapatis (Indian bread)

And much more.

Most of the names are absolutely nothing a regular European, while for Hindus they are quite ordinary and traditional.

Although it’s also worth noting, as in any cuisine in the world, Hindus also often experiment and try something new. Combine all of these dishes – traditional Indian spices, vegetables and other items.

For example, mung beans – a sort of legumes, which is widely used for cooking. Actually it is about bean, also known as Golden. On the basis of mung beans can be cooked a variety of dishes, enjoying success and popularity. And again, it is not necessary to add that cooks is diverse enough to use them to create culinary masterpieces.

Or, for example, a chapatti – a traditional Indian bread resembling pita bread made from wheat flour. Bread cake are served to a variety of dishes. Eat it, tearing off pieces and dipping them in different sauces. For these slices even have a special spoon.

Chapatis recipe is simple:

Three cups of whole wheat flour;

One and a half cups of water;


The dough is first cooked on the skillet, then the bread is baked over an open fire;

The bread swells up and becomes lush.

Indian cuisine is full of exotic dishes and various spices. And this in turn greatly affects the stomach. So in the beginning it is better to try to refrain from drastic experimentation and to try everything with caution. Even people who seemingly have little problems with the stomach can’t always handle that kind of meal. It takes time to get used to this.

The cuisine of North India is not as spicy, so it’s best to start with it, if you don’t consider yourself to be a thrill. And indeed, it is considered more convenient and familiar to our stomachs. But you can try some exotics to make up the full picture of this idea-filled, saturated with Oriental philosophy and vibrant aromas of the kitchen.

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