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The most delicious and healthy dish for the New Year

Turkey won the hearts of Kazakhstan citizens, what is really there. Delicious, elegant, unusual, and most importantly — useful, easy and satisfying, has every right to his place on new year’s table. The only time — how to cook? In the pictures everything is beautiful, but not always. We will give you passwords and turnout, in order to prepare and to surprise.

So, Turkey meat requires a certain approach in contrast to the chicken.

1. To thaw the Turkey should be in a cool place, in no case, either in the water or in the oven or in a warm kitchen.

2. Turkey requires 4-5 hours of soaking in salt water in a cool temperature, then when baking the meat will be tender and juicy.

3. The marinade for the Turkey need attention! you need to spread on the skin and UNDER the skin. gently, evenly on the area of the breast and the legs. You need to find places in the neck and gently place the marinade under the skin, in any case without violating its integrity.

4. Our favorite marinade — herbs and finely chopped almonds.

5. Bake the Turkey at a temperature of 180C for 3-4 hours

6. To start you need to bake it on the back, and then on his stomach

7. First in foil in the last hour without it, and was juicy and with a crust.

8. A great side dish to the Turkey — baked quince and red cabbage stewed in wine. Oh, Gods, this will win over even the hardest of hearts.

9. Carve the Turkey need on joints — legs, wings,and the remainder very thin strips with a sharp knife.

10. To store cooked Turkey in a better container with a lid, let it dry, and then January 1, she will be pleased with your table in the form of cold snacks, toppings for sandwiches or additives to salads.

Thus, it remains to find the Turkey, to give her almost a day and enjoy!

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