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Business idea – sale of food cooked on the grill

BBQ grill fish

What better business to open?

The question, of course, rhetorical. To do better in what they do and what demand is. Based on the fact that people always eat, the food is out of competition. Catering the catering division. One of the easiest types of cooking meals over an open fire. All we ever grilled kebabs, sausages or vegetables over an open fire. Usually the result is always excellent. Of course, there are the secrets of cooking, but they are few. Therefore, it is possible to open a school for cooking on the grill. The grill is the equipment for cooking on the heat. The main types of grills by heat source, are only three: charcoal, electric and gas.

Due to the high temperature of cooking, the meat is initially clogged pores, which prevents the evaporation of moisture, but not interfere with the rendering of fat. Therefore, grilled meals order people as dieters and respectable businessmen.

Unusual grill. The meat sizzle on the stone. Feature: perfect meat remains juicy and does not burn.

What format to choose?

Options of a great variety of formats, from bars to boutique or pub. There are also a grill / pizzeria and the grill tavern. They all share a basic menu – dishes cooked on the grill.

Currently has promising format of the business churasco bars.

Churasco is a type podchinennyh dishes without restriction portions with a fixed price. The trick is in the method of filing. Initially, usually served with a big plate of fried bread of different varieties with different sauces, average weight 700 grams. After some time – fried vegetables, pickles, salads. And later the supply of meat. Meat is usually served according to the queue of several kinds, every 10-12 minutes. The portions of meat small – 50 grams or 1-2 pieces. Start with chicken (wings, thighs), offal and finish the steaks. In the Brazilian churasco bars in the menu there are up to 14 types of meat. The whole is a set, called churrasco-set. The signal that the client is ate, is usually inverted special feature. For dessert in this place that serves fruit on the grill – for example, pineapple.

How to start a business?

Decide on the menu, this will depend on what equipment you need to buy. If it is a single, open platform, you can buy the equipment on gas or charcoal. If it is indoors, it is easier to buy an electric grill or on the coals. The main stumbling block, the requirements of the fire inspection. To the gas equipment they are significantly higher.

Specialization simplifies the choice of equipment. If you decide to do sausages and frankfurters, then just buy a roller grill. If sandwiches – perfect pinch and grill. If you want a versatile menu – the grill with a grate, you can not do. For churasco bars that have special churasco grills.

The most popular barbecue grill.

The costs of the business.

The main costs will be spent on obtaining permits, renting space, purchasing equipment, raw materials and consumables. After a month you have to pay staff and taxes.

From the equipment, you will need the grill, cutting table, thermal display cabinets and the refrigerator. The room does not skimp on ventilation, although there are models of ovens with a minimum amount of smoke.

Before you start, you need to divide the work for cooking into stages and evaluate the costs at each stage. And only on the basis of this assessment calculate the cost of dishes on the menu.

The choice of location.

One of the main issues obschepitovskih business. You need to take it with the utmost care. Sleeping areas for him – a death trap. Office centers, stations, junctions and near schools – at the time.

Indirect signs of passable places, is the presence of ATMs and payment terminals.


The staff plays an important role in this business. Properly selected staff is the key to consistent quality cooking. They should be tasty and appetizing look. And more important quality in this business nothing. People are willing to put up with minimal service, but not a bad taste and appearance. The staff has to be tidy.

There are various approach to this issue. You can do everything on the spot, and himself, and it is possible to find acceptable providers who will be ready to bring sausages and blanks. The first approach mostly stationary profess the institution, the second institution of the street food, though there are exceptions. In any case, before discovery is run to look for stable suppliers.

The opening with the grill menu, this is a real business. This business can be started even in a very large city with minimal cost.

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