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The most horrible meals of the world

Eat loves every person. And many are not averse to try a new dish, to diversify, so to say, his tastes.

The days when foie Gras, blue cheese or tequila with the worm was able to surprise the foodie, gone. Lovers of exotic delicacies, get ready for more serious testing! And don’t read this article before dinner or on a full stomach.

Not going to shock you immediately, we will begin with a warm-up. Haggis is just offal lamb, mutton boiled in the stomach. Poor but resourceful Scots have composed this national dish from meat production waste. Not just that they wrote, but also added to it the legend: it is said that real Haggis is made from mysterious animal is the wild Haggis. In Russian cuisine, incidentally, is similar in composition and process of making the dish. Called “nanny”. In Russia the situation with wild nannies, science is not known.

KAFU marzu is a special Italian cheese, the national dish of Sardinia. There it should be, his eyes closed. And not because of the stirring in him of the living larvae of the cheese fly (they speed up the fermentation process of the product). If flies just swarmed themselves peacefully! The fact that the larvae are able to jump out of the dishes directly in the face eater. The gourmet eat cacu Marco without clearing it from the larvae. Alas, with exotic taste sensations can be accompanied by allergic reactions and even serienummeret.

Fish Yin Yang, or live or dead fish is the carp, fried alive. Fried carp in a special way so that on the plate it was cooked, but still breathable. This dish is Asian dishes are officially banned, but fans can easily find its outlets in Taiwan and China.

4. Monkey brains

Monkey brains is the apex of culinary sadism, a follow-up activity dessert from Hong Kong. In the dish of marrow little unusual. The main feature here – in the culture of eating. The fact is that traditionally eat the brains right out of my head even live monkeys. The meal should be completed before the death of the animal, because the brain is very rapidly degraded. Of course, another strictly illegal dish.

5. The bird’s nest soup

One of the most expensive soups in the world cuisine is prepared from the nests of salanganes, one species of Swifts. Kilogram of these nests is more than two thousand dollars, and the portion of soup they will pull a hundred. Choose the nest is nothing but bird’s saliva, from which salangane build their homes.

6. Soup made of bats

On the Islands of Palau in the Pacific ocean, with usual meat tight. The locals have mastered the cooking of bats. Mice cooked in coconut milk with ginger and other seasonings for a few hours. You can even choose the male you submit or female.

The legendary dish of Japanese cuisine, an integral part of the culture and history of this country, and simultaneously an attraction for thrill-seekers. Fugu contains a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin. During heat treatment of fish the concentration of the poison may be reduced to an acceptable, but may not decrease! So in the past in Japan, the chef, the customer who poisoned fugu, also had to eat their dish, or to commit suicide.

8. Surstromming

Sundressing – canned fermented herring. Pickled until a very sharp and specific smell. Here is how this dish was writing in the nineteenth century: “Fans find her the most exquisite delicacy, but at the Banquet will be served only if the master wishes to eat alone, or, perhaps, will call a no nose.” Now surstromming, despite the smell, it’s a Banquet dish and generally refined delicacy and national pride.

9. HVE (or Ho)

So called whole family of Korean dishes: raw meat or seafood with spicy additives. The most important of the Hwa for us is sannakji EFC – a live octopus. Koreans prefer non-waste production and, unlike monkeys, live octopus is eaten whole. Small octopus eaters are cut directly on the dish.

Don’t know what are the holidays for the huskies, but civiak – a real festive dish. Prepare it in advance: in the skin of the seal is placed about four hundred black guillemots (small Northern sea birds), produced from the skin of the air, seal it with fat and buried in the ground under a burden (typically a heavy stone) for a few months. Enzymes that break down carcasses of birds processed and also the intestine of a seal. This results in a mixture that tastes like a very pungent cheese. And you say, Dor Blu, DorBlu!

To begin with, which translated from the Chinese name of this dish means “Egg boy”. No, this is the usual chicken egg. Or rather, boiled egg. Right not know what to say. These cook regular chicken eggs in the urine collected exclusively boys who have not reached the age of puberty. After boiling, the fluid on the eggs nadbivayut the shell, so that the urine got inside. When the shell cracks, tuntszyan, is considered ready to use.

12. Black Ivory

And for dessert, some coffee, yeah? “Black ivory”, or “black Tusk” — the sort of coffee from Arabica beans passed through the digestive tract of elephants. That is literally! An elephant eats coffee beans, digests them, and next up is the elephant wife of the driver and collects, ahem, refined product. “Black ivory” is the most expensive coffee in the world – more than a thousand dollars per kilogram. And, by the way, 8 percent of the revenues from the sales of this coffee go Fund Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in veterinary care to elephants.

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