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Pickled milk mushrooms

Marinated milk mushrooms. The original recipe is quick and delicious mushroom snacks

Many mushrooms are similar to humans.

Good should still try to find, but the grebes – at every step.

Pickled milk mushrooms

The original recipe is quick and delicious mushroom snacks

One quart jar filled with boiled mushrooms, we need:

Salt – 0,5 tablespoon;

Sugar – 0.5 tablespoon;

Vinegar – 2 tbsp;

The mushrooms, approximately 1 kg;

Spices per quart jar:

Cinnamon – 2-3 small pieces;

Bay leaf – 3 PCs.;

Cloves – 5-6 pieces.;

Marinated mushrooms (mushrooms) are cooked in one go. No need to wait a day or two, as in pickling.

Advance preparation described in the article “Mushrooms, collect, fry, sprinkle with salt and pickle “. Check whether to remove the bitterness of milk mushrooms after the first cooking. If not, repeat the procedure until the complete withdrawal of bitterness.

When you have made sure that the mushrooms are ready to make a marinade, put them in a saucepan with water. Water should be 5-6 inches larger than the mushrooms.

Add water, salt, sugar. Bring to the boil and boil for 10-15 minutes.

Separately, prepare jars, sterilize them better.In clean sterilized jars and divide the mushrooms, along with the brine, making sure brine is enough.

Separately pour the brine into a saucepan. In jars, add the vinegar.

Boiling brine refill with banks.

And right caulk for the winter.

Marinated mushrooms is ready. If you want to enjoy the taste of pickled mushrooms, add to the sugar and salt when cooking the vinegar and boil the brine for 30-40 minutes, once the mushrooms have cooled to room temperature it’s ready.

In the winter they are especially good with garlic, oil and herbs.

The special flavor of the marinated mushrooms adds avocado. Its oily flesh blends perfectly with marinated mushrooms. It makes a delicious mushroom appetizer on new year’s table.

Nice Apatite and a happy New Year!

Thank you for your attention!

We try for you!

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