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Tasty and simple salads with mayonnaise

The most various category of culinary dishes are the salads. Really delicious salads, great variety. Recipes are modified and continue to evolve, consistently there are new recipes. The recipes and cookbooks you can find a lot of recipes of salads. set forth in detailed step-by-step execution .

The salads are classic, new, quick & easy, salads every day, festive. exotic, salads to suit every taste and budget. Prepare salads from vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, mushrooms, spices. Ready-made salads decorate with greens (dill, celery, parsley, cilantro, Basil, green onions), pureed egg and complicated expositions of vegetables or fruits.

Salads can be as independent dishes and accompaniments to the pieces of meat or fish. Ingredients can be as simple as vegetables or fruits, and more complex combinations. The output of most salads have weight equal to 1 kg.

Salads are simple and delicious

Salads. as a rule, prepare all year round, to do this, use the vegetables of this season. The more You eat salads, lots of vitamins, organic acids and mineral salts are enriched with Your body. Salads can improve the appetite. Sharp-suited to lunch, but not too spicy is good for Breakfast or dinner. Therefore, make salads daily.

Chop, mix or mayonnaise, the salad is best immediately before the serve, then the appearance and the taste will not deteriorate. Salad dressed with mayonnaise, sour cream, mixed product or vegetable oil.

The process of cooking a simple and delicious salads with mayonnaise does not need much effort and brilliant culinary knowledge and skills. You need to know two things – what are the ingredients required for Your chosen salad and than to fill it. It’s no secret that it would be better to not use mayonnaise, and one that will be cooked by You. Mayonnaise is more than substitute for sour cream. And, a salad of fresh vegetables can be used to water vegetable or olive oil.

Salad with apples and chicken

Delicious and simple salad can be a salad with apples and chicken. To prepare the salad with apples and chicken You will need:


green apples (best to take sour and firm apples)



Chicken and carrots are boiled. These components are then cut into small cubes. Clean the apples and finely chop. Mix chicken, carrots and apples, the ingredients are seasoned with a small amount of mayonnaise. You will receive a salad with chicken and apples, the taste of which cannot be described in words.

Squid salad

For Your attention presented salad with squid. To prepare the salad with squid You will need:

Cleaned squid boil and cut into long slices. Asparagus fried in vegetable oil and add the spices. Eggs boil and RUB on a coarse grater. The components are mixed. The outcome of salad You have a delicious salad.

The highlight of the salad is that it can not fill with mayonnaise, as the asparagus after roasting gives the juice owing to what may be very mouth-watering weight.

Egg salad

To prepare the salad eggs You will need:

6 eggs

6 large radishes

½ Kg of fresh cucumbers

200 grams of green onions

200 g sour cream

100 g of mayonnaise


salt and spices to taste

Hard-boiled eggs, cut in half. Each of the bottom halves should be cut a small amount of protein, to stabilize. On a flat dish lay out lettuce leaves, edges slightly overhung with meals. The leaves are laid half the eggs, leaving an empty space in the center of the dish. In the center spread with fresh cucumbers, diced and slices of radish. Pour the sauce over the top.

Sauce: mix sour cream and mayonnaise, salted to taste and added finely chopped green onions.

Winter salad

This salad is not necessary to do only in the winter, it will be a wonderful dish anytime of the year. To prepare the salad eggs You will need:

200 g ham

200 g of mayonnaise;

100 g canned white beans

3 boiled eggs

dill and parsley

salt to taste

Ham cut into cubes. Boiled eggs, dill and parsley chopped and mixed with ham. Then, add the beans and dress with mayonnaise. Salad can decorate with sprigs of parsley and dill.

Everyone’s favorite salad to prepare with mayonnaise. Watch the video to see the recipe for the salad can’t do without it no celebration:

Such simple salads with mayonnaise easily and quickly prepared and eaten with great gusto! And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to improvise, to add something new! Feel free to include your imagination and create new culinary masterpieces.

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