Christmas feast, new year's eve menu
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The most expensive food in the world

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The most delicious Breakfast in different countries
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The most expensive food in the world


The most expensive mushroom

The most expensive mushroom is the truffle. The cost of a kilogram of this delicacy can cost up to 2000 Euro, and sometimes above. Considered the most delicious white truffles from Italy.

The most expensive dumplings in the world

The most expensive dumplings can be enjoyed in the restaurant serving Russian emigres “Golden Gates” in the Bronx. The uniqueness of them is that in their composition, in addition to beef, elk and pork meat includes iron deep fish-torch, even at moderate light dumplings emit blue-green light and it’s completely edible and wonderfully tasty. Portion of 8 dumplings will devastate a purse of $ 2,400, and from 16 to 4 400$.

The most expensive tea

The world’s most expensive tea is called da Hong PAO, which translated means “Big red robe”. Get “Big red robe” from the worksheet, only 6 bushes growing near the monastery Tianxin. The age of these unique bushes – 350 years. Every year collect less famous tea 500 grams, the price of the finished product reaches 685 000 dollars per kilo.

The most expensive beef in the world

The most expensive meat is marbled beef. And definitely from Japanese cows, Wagyu. For stoletiia cows bred only in Japan, treated them respectfully and fed only the best herbs, as well as daily rubbed sake and drank beer. Tenderloin will cost you from$ 750 to$ 1000 per kilogram

The world’s most expensive nut

The world’s most expensive nut – macadamia. Once the macadamia was the staple food for Australian aborigines and has now become a refined and very useful delicacy. The cost of one kilogram of macadamia even in its historic homeland is more than 30 dollars.

The most expensive caviar in the world

The most expensive caviar in the world is not black. And not even a rare gray. The most expensive is the “Almas” Beluga caviar albino occasionally exported from Iran. 100 grams of caviar, Packed. certainly, in a jar of pure gold, will cost about $ 2,000.

The most expensive spice in the world

The most expensive spice in the world – saffron. Real saffron is the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa. To obtain a pound of spice will need 225000 stamens. One kilogram of saffron costs about $ 6,000.

The most expensive potato

The most expensive potato in the world is grown on the island Normate in the Atlantic ocean. The field on which to grow potatoes fertilize exclusively marine algae. All the work of planting and harvesting are carried out manually. In the year farmers harvested about 100 tons of this root. Harvested potatoes on the same day sent to market. Such a small harvest and taste give the exclusivity of this potato variety, pounds which you can buy… for 500 euros.

The most expensive omelette in the world

The most expensive omelet in the world can be eaten in the restaurant new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien”. It costs 1,000 dollars. Besides the eggs in the omelet are a whole lobster. It is served on a bed of fried potatoes and decorated – ten ounces of sevruga caviar.

The most expensive oil.

The most expensive oil in the world argan. Argan growing in Morocco. To learn it easily. The leaves of this tree is a favourite delicacy of local goats. For his sake they are ready even climb trees. As you will see the goat on the tree, so this argan. The fruits resemble olives. One litre of oil they need as much as 30 kg. Per 100 ml this oil You will have to pay 250.e.

The most expensive bread.

The most expensive Bread in the world, the Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread. For 25$ you can try bread from chef Paul Hollywood. The bread made with the best flour And class, are leavened with expensive French cheese *blue cheese* almonds and high quality. To buy wonder bread can only rods in London, but it costs almost twenty times more expensive than usual.

The most expensive milk.

Milk mice – the most expensive milk in the world. Its value exceeds $ 22 000 per litre. To produce one liter of milk you need to milk about 4 000 mice. Mouse milk is used in medicine. Female mice synthesize the human milk protein lactoferrin, which is used in the production of unique pharmaceutical products. Medicines containing mouse milk, improves the process of hematopoiesis after blood transfusion.

The most expensive cheese

Kilogram of Pule cheese variety made from donkey milk, was estimated at $1 280. This gave the opportunity to the dairy product to take first place in the ranking of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

The most expensive water

The first place occupies the purest spring water Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani. It is named after the famous Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani. But most interesting is that the smooth shape of the tank in the form of Mongoloid faces are covered with pure gold 25 carats. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is a blend of the purest spring water from France, Fiji Islands, with the addition of water from glaciers of Iceland. It is this unusual composition and design of water $60,000 for a 1.25 liter bottle.

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