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The most expensive dishes of the world

How many are willing to pay people for not so much delicious as the food? We offer you top of the most expensive dishes in the world , not to be confused — in rubles.

33 thousand rubles worth of exotic omelet American restaurant Norma’s located in Le Parker Meridien hotel

The omelette is made from eggs, lobster meat, cream and shnitt-onions, laid on a bed of fried potatoes and decorated with a slide of sevruga caviar. You can buy the exact same omelet with less eggs at a price of only 3000 rubles.

35 thousand rubles worth Sultan’s Golden Cake from a Turkish restaurant of Çırağan Palace Kempinski

This cake from sponge cake soaked in Jamaican rum, decorated with apricots, pears, figs and quince, decorated with truffles and caramel. It is covered with a layer of real edible gold and is served a decorative silver casket, which will remain in memory after you eat one of the most expensive desserts in the world.

66 thousand rubles worth one hundred grams of caviar “Almas” from Iran

This Beluga caviar-albino packaged in a jar made of gold, which will remain in memory after eating tasty, delicious and very expensive food.

67 thousand rubles are Sushi Del Oriente from Angelito Araneta-Junior — investigationsa cooks

At its core is nigiri sushi wrapped in delicate plates of gold (24 carat!) and decorated African diamonds weighing 0.2 carats each. The diamonds remain in the memory of eaten an expensive meal.

80 thousand rubles worth serving of dumplings (8 pieces) of American restaurant Golden Gates

That is one dumpling costs the visitor to the restaurant in 10 thousand roubles. In the composition of the mixture from the meat of calves, pigs and salmon with the addition of cancer fish-torch. This iron does not change the taste of the dumplings, but gives them a distinctive blue colour and makes you glow in the dark. In memory of this dear dish it is best to shoot video in the dark.

105 thousand rubles worth Samundari Khazana — Indian dish that is served in a London restaurant Bombay Brasserie

In essence it is a stew made of lobster, crab, abalone and snails flavored with truffles and Beluga caviar. In memory of a dear eaten the meal you can take the shell of a lobster.

165 thousand pounds worth of raw truffles — mushrooms growing under the ground

They are known to exude pheromones and lead to a mild state of euphoria, providing a burst of energy. They are also called “natural viagra”. Truffles are used as a component of many dishes, much to their mounting cost. So buy raw truffles profitable.

168 thousand rubles worth giant Burger Las Vegas, served in the Fleur restaurant

Its filling are a special Kobe beef and foie Gras flavoured with truffle sauce. The Burger is served a bottle of Château Pétrus wines, made from grapes of the harvest 1995 and exclusive glass, which can be sent to the client home, in memory, accompanied by a quality certificate. The dish gourmet is offered a free Burger, however, the most standard.

254 thousand rubles worth Macaroons Haute Couture by Pierre Herme from Paris

This is a special type of cakes, with delicate texture and wonderful taste, in which the wizard will add any of thousands of ingredients in order to obtain a exclusive taste just for someone who will have them. The buyer remains under the box of the macarons.

365 thousand is the most expensive Italian pizza with a beautiful name “Louis XIII”

It is prepared in the presence of the client: on a small sheet of dough with a diameter of only 20 centimeters laid out shrimp, lobster meat and lobster, Buffalo mozzarella and three kinds of caviar. Shade of the sea the taste of pizza pink Australian salt and elite cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII.

413 thousand rubles worth of Wagyu Meat Pie — pie, which the chef prepares from the British restaurant Fence Gate Inn

The filling of the pie is the most expensive meat in the world — Wagyu beef, special marinated in wine and seasoned with mushrooms and truffles matsutake. If you can’t afford the whole pie — you can buy it in the quarter.

480 thousand rubles is The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence dessert from Sri Lanka

The Wine3 restaurant, located in the Fortress offer visitors a special treat. This is a work of art on a small plate. The basis of a light sponge cake soaked with Irish Cream, including canned pomegranate and mango, drizzled with Sabayon on the basis of expensive champagne. Decoration is a chocolate figurine of a fisherman sitting on a pole, next to which is a decorative element that will remind you of this dessert is a real aquamarine weighing 80 carats.

825 thousand rubles worth dessert-ice cream from the new York restaurant “Serendipity 3”

It is served in a sundae dish, decorated with gold and diamonds, and there it should be supplied with a gold spoon, also decorated with pavé diamonds. As for the dishes — it’s creamy ice cream, made with 25 varieties of cocoa, decorated with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and edible gold leaves. Ramekin and spoon remain in the memory of the connoisseur who dared to taste this expensive dish.

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