Simple salads every day: recipes
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Light daily salads - salad Recipes
We offer You a selection of Light salads daily . Light salads do not harm the figure and very useful because it consist mainly of vegetables. Salads can be flavored…

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Quick and delicious salads recipes

This article provides recipes for quick and spicy salads. The preparation of this delicious salad not enough time will not take. This salad is quick always turns out very juicy, and hearty. To prepare it, you need to have on hand a small amount of ingredients. For this reason, the speedy preparation of salad will not seem difficult.

You need to prepare a quick and hearty salad:

One package of noodles will soon prepare,

How to cook quick and tasty salad:

Buy one package of noodles a speedy cooking, but not least, or least normal, do not take the budget. Well suited for this noodles big lunch, or a pretty tasty so, if you take the noodles big Bon. In a bowl put the packaging from the noodles, everything attached to her spices and sauces.

Pour the noodles for salad near the mayonnaise and mix very thoroughly.

Combine all the prepared ingredients. to enclose the peas. mayonnaise and mix. – Boiled potatoes “in uniform” – 2-3 pieces Canned (salt or fresh green) cucumber cut into small cubes the same size.

To a solution of citric acid: 0 ,5 teaspoon of citric acid crystals of restoritive 1 teaspoon hot water. Then add vinegar, but do not overdo it, otherwise the syrup will be badly whipped, and will not harden on the cake.

Another Quick and delicious salads recipes

To prepare the sauce use equal amounts sour cream and mayonnaise (if desired, you can add garlic). The preparation of this delicious salad a lot of the time you do not take.

Most of the recipes salads fast food includes salads, vegetables, as they can be cut very simply and quickly, to fill any dressing and serve.

Today, salads are so popular that they can be called the third main dish on the table after the soup and the second dish. For example, all your favorite light summer salads with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes with onions and herbs.

Offer delicious crab salad with added seaweed. Prepare salads – quick and tasty!

Sure, in every home, colored eggs were left enough, but they should be used and I decided to acquaint You with recipes of salads that are quickly prepared, tasty, using boiled eggs.

Eggs cut into slices. Carefully top with the leeks and carrots with dressing, and top the arugula. Salad is laid out in random order on the lettuce leaves and seasoned with various herbs (by the way, greens are very useful for the female body).

This recipe is a salad mix. Season the salad with mayonnaise, mix well. They cool and can slice the squid into strips.

With cucumbers cut off the peel, cut into small thin slices, the tomatoes are about the same pieces.

Sorry you can not make this salad a mystery to you, because the ingredients are all listed, but you can apply it to the table and enjoy the view, as nobody can guess the full list of ingredients in it. It is worth noting that the taste of the dishes are very unusual, delicate and even silk!

Now it remains to wish you Bon appetit! From the variety of recipes salads these, perhaps, are rather unusual, due to its composition. Remove the peel from the cooled potatoes and chop it into cubes. They need to cut julienne slices so that it turned out as in French fries.

Above was described variant classic recipe salad “Success”.

Our mackerel salad with green onions is ready.

Ingredients: 2 large carrots, 4 eggs, 150-200 grams of cheese, mayonnaise, 2 cloves of garlic, 70 grams of raisins, any nuts, kiwi for decoration. Squeeze of lemon juice.

Very hearty, tasty and healthy salad. In season greens taste can be enhanced by adding dill, parsley and green onions.

Light daily salads - salad Recipes
We offer You a selection of Light salads daily . Light salads do not harm the figure and very useful because it consist mainly of vegetables. Salads can be flavored…


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