Recipes for every day of fasting
Recipes for every day of lent. Day nine, August 22 Today we will tell you how to cook warm salad of mussels, to give an original, unique taste a long…

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Forbes: the Most exotic dishes of Asia
Beetles, snakes, and saliva of the birds constitute a favourite diet of Asians Whose testicles seem to be more mouth-watering Taiwanese rooster or a bull? This question is raised by…

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Appetizer of eggplant and tomatoes Today this vegetable is very popular in the world because it has many remarkable properties. If you constantly consume eggplant, this will really bring benefit…

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Easter table: top 5 meat dishes

After lent on Easter the table meat dishes predominate. I WANT to share with you the recipes of traditional Easter dishes and wishes you happy holidays!


Lean pork ham 1 kg,

Semi-dry red wine – 300 ml

Garlic – 3 cloves,

Salt, ground black pepper, Bay leaf.

Wash the meat, dry it, lard, salt, pepper, minced garlic. Pour red wine, add peppercorns and Bay leaf and infuse in the marinade overnight. Top coat with thin layer of mayonnaise. Then pack in 3-4 layers of foil, put on cookie sheet and bake in a preheated 180° C oven for several hours. Readiness check with a knife to pierce the thigh and if you see white juices, then the dish is ready, pink – still need to pester. Remove, cool, decorate as desired.

Jellied chicken


Chicken – 2 kg

Large carrot – 1 PC.,

Large onion – 1 PC.,

Garlic – 1 clove,

Salt, black peppercorns, Bay leaf to taste;

Quick-dissolving gelatin (25 g) – 3 PCs.,


Rinse chicken, remove fat, put them into a saucepan, cover with water. There to throw peeled carrots and onion. As odesakabel, it is necessary to collect the foam until it is completely gone. Cook the chicken on low heat for about 2-2. 5 hours. Then to remove the meat, let cool. From the broth to collect the fat, pour it with water to get three liters of liquid. Broth well with salt and pepper, add the Bay leaf, remove from heat, dissolve gelatine in it. Put a cut in half clove of garlic, cover and let stand.

To disassemble the meat into pieces, removing the skin, throwing plenochki and cartilage. Then put it on plates, slice the carrots that were cooked with chicken slices and parsley, put them nicely on top of the meat or next. Strain the broth and pour over the meat in plates. Serve with horseradish or mustard.

Home-made sausage “Ukrainian”


Pork – 1 kg,

Jowl (bacon) – 0.6 kg,

Vinegar – 50 g,

The wine is dry – 100 g,

Garlic, salt, pepper – to taste


Cabbage – 1 large head,

Minced meat – 500 g,

Tomato paste – 0, 5 banks,

Business idea – sale of food cooked on the grill
BBQ grill fish What better business to open? The question, of course, rhetorical. To do better in what they do and what demand is. Based on the fact that people…


Snacks of boiled beef tongue: delicious, simple, quick
All the same, anyway, and beef tongue is a real delicacy if it is prepared well, it turns out well, just your tongue! In this collection of the best recipes…