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Forbes: the Most exotic dishes of Asia

Beetles, snakes, and saliva of the birds constitute a favourite diet of Asians

Whose testicles seem to be more mouth-watering Taiwanese rooster or a bull? This question is raised by Robert Olsen and Hana Alberts .

In the West Christmas buffet is served traditional food: pies with raisins and almonds, fruit cakes, eggnog (egg and wine drink), etc. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Earth prefer other treats: bugs and snakes is a daily food of the people of the East.

Rich Asian cuisine comes from a variety of ethnic groups. Dishes to suit different tastes with special ingredients created depending on the local spices and cooking methods.

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Like all the other Nations of the world, holidays in Asian countries are usually marked around the lush table, behind which sits a large family. In Taiwan dinner might consist of cooked testicles of a rooster. You can find them on the shelf of every store Taiwan.

Other Oriental dishes not so easy to buy. While the price may seem a bit high. Take, for example, swallow’s nest soup. This dish is very popular in many Chinese restaurants.Delicacy can cost up to $100. Many connoisseurs of Oriental cuisine it is said that this soup is very healthy. Although many others claim that it resembles a Cup of saliva. This is because for its cooking uses this ingredient. Get it from Indonesian cave birds sarangani; then it is dried and added to chicken broth. This soup improves potency, strengthens the immune system and makes the skin silky.

This soup is very popular in Chinese restaurants, but simple, in our opinion, Western food is not.

“The Chinese, who don’t eat roast beef, find it unpleasant smell, says tan Chee-Beng, Professor of anthropology at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. – Western food in China is a great success”.

The market is full of products of large Western companies. It is very influenced Asian cuisine. However, these companies have adapted their product to meet local tastes and preferences, says tan. Although it has not brought them much success. For example, Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) with great success sold in the far East their coffee, burgers and fried chicken and not the daily Eastern food. Conversely, in the States all Americans immediately pounced on the swallow’s nest, fetid tofu, and other Asian delicacies.

Take the same tofu: this food is very popular in restaurants in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The recipe nor everyone is like: a mixture of milk, meat, herbs and vegetables are stewed, and then it wanders for several days or even weeks. Then sear and serve. The pungent aroma of tofu can be compared only with the combination of smells melted fat and rotten products. For sanitary reasons this delicacy is only sold in roadside stalls and not in licensed eateries.

Bangkok’s favorite dish is crispy skewers of bugs: locusts, grasshoppers, cockroaches, ants, grubs and many other insects, which can be found in Thai shops. Here you can buy already pickled beetles in spices, or just raw.

Durian is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia. The fruit the size of a football smells like sweaty socks. It has a bright color and clearly defined taste.

Next let’s talk about Japan.

Most Japanese are obsessed with freshness. Perhaps that is why in their national cuisine has such dishes as cherry blossom (raw horse meat with garlic and ginger) and ichisaka (sashimi from freshly killed fish that’s still moving). Also, in order to amuse on foreigners, the Japanese like to serve natto – soy beans, fermented to mucus.

The whole world gladly relishes the variety of dishes that Asians are disgusting. For example, French cheese – Bleu starting and ending Epass – cause them to have nausea. Signature Scottish dish Haggis you may like until you know what it cooked. Sheep’s entrails!

American pale from eating chicken feet Chinese, and he loves to chew on fried bony wings. While the American is enjoying fruit cake, washing it down with eggnog, Japanese prepares oseti-ryori is a traditional dish that can be eaten only in the first few days of the new year, when all the shops are closed. Still have tazukuri (small dried sardines in a sweet sauce) and kombumaki (rolls with herring ROE).

For ignorant Westerners these treats may seem tastier than they actually are: Japanese serves them in a beautiful box. In the New year, discover new tastes!

Forbes: the Most exotic dishes of Asia
Beetles, snakes, and saliva of the birds constitute a favourite diet of Asians Whose testicles seem to be more mouth-watering Taiwanese rooster or a bull? This question is raised by…


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