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Canned food is a Delicious and quick salads with canned beans

An important component in the human diet, watching your diet is beans. It is combined with almost any ingredients in the dish. Legumes are rich in vegetable proteins, are a source of vitamin E and trace elements such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, copper and magnesium. Nutritionists recommend eating beans as food for various diets, as legumes contain a lot of fiber and lower cholesterol, improve digestion. It is indispensable in vegetable dishes, as is the perfect alternative to animal protein. Due to the heat treatment, canned beans don’t cause bloating and digestive disorders.

What kind of beans to choose from

For salads it would be canned beans, because of its recipe. The fact is that canned fruits become juicy and soft due to the sauce. The composition of the sauce includes salt, water, acetic acid and sugar. Also in compounding can include tomatoes. Conveniently, the beans from canned goods ready for use food and don’t need long to cook. Canned beans are not practically lose their useful properties. The beans in the cans is white, red and spotted varieties.

When choosing canned food should pay attention to the kind of used container. The quality of the product in a glass jar can be assessed visually, what is in a tin, we can only guess.Suitable for salad beans with the shell intact, they should not be creased, otherwise our meal would turn into a homogeneous mush.

Before use, drain beans from liquid and rinse them under running water. This saves us the extra sugar and preservatives.

What products combine the beans

Canned beans are an excellent nutritious and healthy base for any salad. Salads with beans and delicious plus quick to prepare. A varied mix of products able to satisfy the taste preferences of each guest. Because of the abundance of different components of the dish will delight with its unusual variegated form. This salad will decorate any holiday table.

The most successfully combined with beans:

• Ham, smoked meat, sausage.

• Canned fish – saury or sardines in their own juice or in oil.

• Pepper, leek, red onion.

• The cheese.

• Mushrooms – champignons, butter mushrooms.

• The breadcrumbs.

Recipes of salads with canned beans

1. With smoked chicken and pasta

Very healthy and hearty salad and can be an independent dish. The only drawback of this dish is that it is not suitable for those who are watching the calories they eat. To facilitate it, the mayonnaise can substitute lower-calorie dressing and soy sauce.

We will need: 200 grams of pasta spirals, smoked chicken leg, half cans of canned black olives pitted and red beans, greens, mayonnaise.

First boil the pasta in salted water according to package directions, let cool. Cut the meat from the smoked chicken legs and cut into small cubes or torn along the grain. Add olives and beans, finely chop the herbs. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, stir and pour in the sauce or mayonnaise.

2. With canned corn and mushrooms

Due to the presence of vegetables and herbs this salad is rich in vitamins.

We will need: 200 g of mushrooms, one medium-sized bell peppers, ripe tomatoes 1-2 pieces, 3 tablespoons of canned beans and corn, greens, mayonnaise, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.

Fresh mushrooms cut and fry in a pan in vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, pepper strips, parsley finely crumble. Mix all the ingredients, including canned, then pepper to taste, a little salt, dressed with mayonnaise.

3. Very simple and quick salad

If there is no time to stay long at the plate, this salad can serve as a wonderful dinner. He’s quick to prepare, no need to pre-cook and chop the ingredients.

We will need: half cans of canned corn and beans, crackers, any marinated mushrooms, mayonnaise.

Lay in a salad bowl mushrooms and canned products, stir, salt, pepper to taste and dressed with mayonnaise. Just before serving, add the purchase of salty crackers to taste. Salting additionally is not necessary.

The salads from beans with the use of different components allows us to vary our diet and to replenish our body with useful nutrients and vitamins. Experimenting with various combinations of products you can each time to invent a new kind of salad.


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