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The most expensive desserts in the world

Desserts are the centerpiece of any feast. They can be not just a gourmet, [cut] delicious and tasty, but also still very expensive. Price records on sweets not only brought in a single list of connoisseurs of sophisticated desserts, but even Forbes magazine has made a rating of the most expensive desserts in the world.

Diamond cupcake.

At Christmas many of us yearn to spend time with family, enjoying festive food and spending money on gifts. But how many would be so bold as to lay out $ 1.65 million for cake?

This can afford only the owners of impressive Bank accounts. They apparently expected and the pastry chef from Tokyo, decided to create such an expensive dessert. The chef put on a Christmas auction your cupcake called “Diamonds: a miracle of nature”.

Cake design took six months, another month directly to the preparation for the sale. Across the surface of the dessert is decomposed 223 small diamonds. Except them, the remaining parts of the cake are completely edible. Buy this cupcake can also be a good gift for my wife.

What woman does not enjoy such an abundance of diamonds, even and covered with icing and not set in gold?

Strawberries Arnaud.

In New Orleans there is a famous restaurant, which celebrated not so long ago 90 anniversary. Guests can order dessert here, proudly bearing the title of the most expensive in the world. The price of sweets is $ 1.4 million.

This money can be enjoyed six marinated in Porto berries strawberry, decorated with mint leaves and is covered with gentle cream. But the main cost to the record holder attached a ring with 5-carat pink diamond, once formerly in the possession of the English financier sir Ernest Cassel.

The chef of the restaurant Arnaud is preparing an exclusive treat on prior request. If suddenly there is a gourmet who wish to taste the dish will have a special booth in which he would personally play jazz band.

Along with dessert is served a unique set of wines, some which costs around 25 thousand.

The platinum cake.

And this dish was created in Japan. Local chef Nobue Icarus created the platinum cake rings for a small price of 130 thousand dollars. This cake is perfect for a couple.

It is decorated with white frosting and draped with platinum jewelry including chains, necklaces, pendants, pins and even foil. Icarus has dedicated the cake to many women, trying to convince them to wear platinum.

The cake was shown at the exhibition Platinum Guild International, which resulted in sales growth of jewelry, even despite record high prices. The cake was not bought, because it costs a lot more than many can afford.

The next owner can enjoy the platinum of the dessert, but and defy some of its parts.

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate.

This original dish is on the menu at new York restaurant “Serendipity 3”. Price of the dessert – 25 thousand dollars. Ice cream accompanies a dish of as much as 25 varieties of cocoa, decorated with whipped cream with tiny chocolate “La Madeline au Truffle” from “Knipschildt Chocolatier”.

Only polukilogrammovye the tile of this chocolate by itself costs about 2600 dollars. All the pudding is served in a glass, decorated with gold edging, a gold spoon decorated with diamonds. The structure of ice cream and comes with 5.7 grams of edible 23-Karat gold!

Of course, order such an expensive dish must be done in advance. It is assumed that after the absorption of the composite cooking dessert can be a souvenir to take and all the rest, together with the spoon.

Chef Stephen Bruce says that the design of the dessert took a long time, only the development of a spoon took three months. Chocolate in 2007, got into the Guinness book of records as the most expensive dessert, but since has been repeatedly surpassed.

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence.

This dish appeared recently in the Wine3 restaurant in the Fortress hotel in Sri Lanka. The price of the dessert is 14.5 thousand dollars. This delicacy is more like a work of art than food.

Miniature sculptural composition is a chocolate figurine of a fisherman, decorated with an 80 carat aquamarine. The dish consists of chocolate, exotic fruits and Irish cream.

The fisherman stands on stilts carved from sweets. However, this original design of the dessert has not yet attracted buyers. Fishing in Sri Lanka is a very popular pastime, and that caused the chefs to create a masterpiece.

Macaroons Haute Couture.

Such cookies in the world are not uncommon, they constitute two of Bizet, among which is butter cream. In France they are very popular and you can find this delicious dessert at a fairly affordable price.

However, French pastry chef Pierre Herme decided to make a new kind of cookie, more exquisite and expensive. This dish made its Creator famous outside the country.

In the composition of biscuits is delicate chocolate cream, mixed with cream, sea salt fleur de sel and balsamic vinegar, red wine and peanut butter. However, at the request of the client the composition of ingredients may vary.

The price for this dessert starts from 7414 dollars and can reach tens of thousands depending on complexity and customer’s preferences.

Golden cake Sultan.

This dish offers hotel in Istanbul Ciragon Palace Kempinski. Besides traditional Oriental dishes can be enjoyed here and now gold. Turkish chefs over 72 hours made an unusual Golden cake.

It is an edible brick of gold, decorated with black truffles, apricots, pears and figs, pickled for two years in Jamaican rum. Emblazoned on the top sheets of 24-Karat gold, French vanilla and caramel.

When serving, the cake itself is not on the plate, and the box is handmade from silver with a gold print. Usually such an expensive dessert is ordered in the most solemn occasions – for wedding or of the Sultan himself.

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