Business idea – sale of food cooked on the grill

Not for the faint of heart
The most exotic dishes of the planet In the West found a replacement to traditional food, which, possibly, soon will not be missed in connection with steadily growing population of…

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10 most exotic fruits
Rambutan – a tropical fruit tree of the family spindown. Fruits are small, about the size of hazelnuts – grow clusters to 30 pieces and are a rounded "balls" with…

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Quick rice with minced meat
Quick rice with minced meat Today's recipe for quick rice with minced meat — this augmented variation of the recipe quick rice. published previously. And this is not a side…

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The most expensive dishes of the world

How many are willing to pay people for not so much delicious as the food? We offer you top of the most expensive dishes in the world , not to be confused — in rubles.

33 thousand rubles worth of exotic omelet American restaurant Norma’s located in Le Parker Meridien hotel

The omelette is made from eggs, lobster meat, cream and shnitt-onions, laid on a bed of fried potatoes and decorated with a slide of sevruga caviar. You can buy the exact same omelet with less eggs at a price of only 3000 rubles.

35 thousand rubles worth Sultan’s Golden Cake from a Turkish restaurant of Çırağan Palace Kempinski

This cake from sponge cake soaked in Jamaican rum, decorated with apricots, pears, figs and quince, decorated with truffles and caramel. It is covered with a layer of real edible gold and is served a decorative silver casket, which will remain in memory after you eat one of the most expensive desserts in the world.

66 thousand rubles worth one hundred grams of caviar “Almas” from Iran

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Snacks of boiled beef tongue: delicious, simple, quick

All the same, anyway, and beef tongue is a real delicacy if it is prepared well, it turns out well, just your tongue! In this collection of the best recipes from simple snacks boiled tongue for celebration or just a tasty feast.

The most important task that you need to decide when you want to cook beef tongue delicious snack – it’s his right decoction. The more flavorful and tender you will get the language – the better the outcome will be cooked snack. About how to boil beef tongue, we have been told .

So, if the language of the recipes call for already cooked, with what spices you cook does not matter, the main thing that was tasty. If the appetizer recipe describes the cooking process language-specific product, it is best to do everything in accordance with these instructions, although adding the proper ingredients when cooking is unlikely to harm. In General, as always, all ultimately at the discretion of the cook. And we will talk about a few good recipes for tasty and easy appetizers from beef tongue. Continue reading

Salad recipes

Salad is one of the most versatile and popular dishes of the national cuisine. In each cookbook you can find thousands of recipes salads. Depending on the ingredients, there are vegetable, meat, fruit salads, salads with fish and seafood. Some salad recipes are more suited for the festive table, they usually require more ingredients, including exotic, and a longer time to cook. There are salads on the “haste” that are easy to prepare in everyday life.

Delicious salad involves a mixture of different ingredients in certain proportions and combinations. In order that the finished composition had a rich and harmonious taste, all components must also be combined. Not the last place in the preparation of the salad takes the dressing or sauce, which is used as the vegetable oil, vinegar, wine, lemon juice, yogurt, cream, sour cream, mayonnaise in conjunction with a variety of greens and herbs.

Salads require minimal cooking, all ingredients used retain their maximum useful properties. Vitamins, phytoncids, flavonoids, macro – and microelements, pectin, fiber, amino acids and unsaturated fats – this is not a complete list of biologically-active substances contained in salads and so necessary to man for a full life. Continue reading

Quick and delicious salads recipes

This article provides recipes for quick and spicy salads. The preparation of this delicious salad not enough time will not take. This salad is quick always turns out very juicy, and hearty. To prepare it, you need to have on hand a small amount of ingredients. For this reason, the speedy preparation of salad will not seem difficult.

You need to prepare a quick and hearty salad:

One package of noodles will soon prepare,

How to cook quick and tasty salad:

Buy one package of noodles a speedy cooking, but not least, or least normal, do not take the budget. Well suited for this noodles big lunch, or a pretty tasty so, if you take the noodles big Bon. In a bowl put the packaging from the noodles, everything attached to her spices and sauces.

Pour the noodles for salad near the mayonnaise and mix very thoroughly.

Combine all the prepared ingredients. to enclose the peas. mayonnaise and mix. – Boiled potatoes “in uniform” – 2-3 pieces Canned (salt or fresh green) cucumber cut into small cubes the same size. Continue reading

Easter table: top 5 meat dishes

After lent on Easter the table meat dishes predominate. I WANT to share with you the recipes of traditional Easter dishes and wishes you happy holidays!


Lean pork ham 1 kg,

Semi-dry red wine – 300 ml

Garlic – 3 cloves,

Salt, ground black pepper, Bay leaf.

Wash the meat, dry it, lard, salt, pepper, minced garlic. Pour red wine, add peppercorns and Bay leaf and infuse in the marinade overnight. Top coat with thin layer of mayonnaise. Then pack in 3-4 layers of foil, put on cookie sheet and bake in a preheated 180° C oven for several hours. Readiness check with a knife to pierce the thigh and if you see white juices, then the dish is ready, pink – still need to pester. Remove, cool, decorate as desired.

Jellied chicken


Chicken – 2 kg

Large carrot – 1 PC.,

Large onion – 1 PC., Continue reading

The most expensive dishes of the world
How many are willing to pay people for not so much delicious as the food? We offer you top of the most expensive dishes in the world , not to…


Cooking salad recipes for every day - 5 recipes - Salads - Snacks - My favorite recipes
Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options. Fruit salad and fresh cabbage 300 grams of…