Business idea – sale of food cooked on the grill

TOP most expensive products in the world
Sometimes, in order to "pull" a decent amount of money, it will be enough for a light snack. TOP most expensive products in the world: Diamond caviar It's Beluga caviar.…

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Traditional Indian cuisine, Indian dishes
Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture Indian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. It has its traditional characteristics and other peculiar features that…

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10 most exotic fruits
Rambutan – a tropical fruit tree of the family spindown. Fruits are small, about the size of hazelnuts – grow clusters to 30 pieces and are a rounded "balls" with…

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Low-calorie snacks

One of the most favorite products of all vegetarians is the mushroom. And this choice is understandable. This product…

This dish is heat treated (baked) in the oven, but retain their useful properties. Tomatoes…

During the cold season there are often outbursts of epidemic diseases, many people suffering from SARS. To maintain…

For the preparation of 9 servings you will need: eggplant (500 g), tomatoes (150g), garlic (1 head), celery (60 g)…

In season vegetables are particularly nutritious vegetable dishes. Every woman tries to entertain family and friends…

Recently gaining popularity portioned food, especially important was to prepare a small…

Squid is an excellent dietary and healthful product. Contained in the carcasses of squid proteins is easily digested…

To prepare 8 portions of the drainage you will need: fresh prawns (0.5 kg), onion (1 PCs.), carrot…

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Delicious salads for my Birthday

Depending on which dressing is used for a particular salad, the taste may be different. The same salad, for example, with tomatoes and cucumbers, will be very different to taste, if you fill it with sunflower oil or sour cream. So, even the same recipe can be fed constantly, experiment with fills only.

Delicious salads for my Birthday

A delicious salad that is especially suited for a summer feast, when there are seasonal products. All the ingredients are digested easily, but salad is easy, although it quickly saturates.

What you need:

200 g feta cheese;

Bank of olives without cost.;

Lemon, olive. oil;

Two ripe tomatoes;

The leaves of lettuce; Continue reading

The most expensive food in the world


The most expensive mushroom

The most expensive mushroom is the truffle. The cost of a kilogram of this delicacy can cost up to 2000 Euro, and sometimes above. Considered the most delicious white truffles from Italy.

The most expensive dumplings in the world

The most expensive dumplings can be enjoyed in the restaurant serving Russian emigres “Golden Gates” in the Bronx. The uniqueness of them is that in their composition, in addition to beef, elk and pork meat includes iron deep fish-torch, even at moderate light dumplings emit blue-green light and it’s completely edible and wonderfully tasty. Portion of 8 dumplings will devastate a purse of $ 2,400, and from 16 to 4 400$.

The most expensive tea

The world’s most expensive tea is called da Hong PAO, which translated means “Big red robe”. Get “Big red robe” from the worksheet, only 6 bushes growing near the monastery Tianxin. Continue reading

Exotic dishes of Egypt that are worth a try

Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt will appeal to all. Visiting Egypt, you should try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes.

In ancient times, the Egyptians lived in the Nile valley, had a significant advantage over its neighbours because of the fertile soil of the area could feed the entire country even in the lean years. The main crops that time – wheat and barley – were used for cooking, but mainly bread and beer.

In the national Egyptian cuisine vegetarian dishes more than the meat. It’s beans, rice, stewed potatoes, original salads, for example, oranges and olives with pepper.

Meat kitchen, especially chicken and beef. Popular kofte – minced meatballs, grilled on skewers (like shish kebab), kebabs – marinated meat, grilled (like a kebab) and Shawarma (that under this name we sell, just like the original).

Well, the delicacies – stuffed pigeons and camel liver. The Egyptians wonderful pastries and sweets. Good local mineral water (in no case do not drink from the tap), and pretty decent local beer, even the tour guides say that Egypt is the Motherland of brewing. Continue reading

Exotic dishes of Vietnam

Hello everyone. What is the most unusual you ate for your life? I have, as it turned out, before the trip to Vietnam was a very poor dining experience. But this month I tried so many things that even I never thought that I would be there. Today I will tell you about what impressed me most about our trip to Southeast Asia. Namely, Vietnamese food, or rather not even Vietnamese food and the exotic dishes we ate there.

Vietnam takes pride of place among the countries known for its unusual national dishes. Despite this, I have reasons to believe that the cuisine in Vietnam is quite useful and healthy, because a large part of the diet of the locals is fresh seafood, vegetables and, of course, fruit. In the country there are a variety of fruits and vegetables as the most common and quite exotic.

The most traditional product for local food is the rice in a large quantity is consumed by Vietnamese people, so to them, as for us potatoes. Vietnam appreciated will be appreciated by vegetarians, it is incredibly delicious and juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and a huge selection of seafood. Continue reading

Recipes for every day of fasting
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Tasty and simple salads with mayonnaise
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