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The most expensive desserts in the world
Desserts are the centerpiece of any feast. They can be not just a gourmet, [cut] delicious and tasty, but also still very expensive. Price records on sweets not only brought…

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Salad recipes
Salad is one of the most versatile and popular dishes of the national cuisine. In each cookbook you can find thousands of recipes salads. Depending on the ingredients, there are…

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Traditional Indian cuisine, Indian dishes
Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture Indian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. It has its traditional characteristics and other peculiar features that…

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10 most exotic fruits

Rambutan – a tropical fruit tree of the family spindown. Fruits are small, about the size of hazelnuts – grow clusters to 30 pieces and are a rounded “balls” with the elastic skin is yellow or red, covered with fleshy hairs length 4-5 see the Flesh covering the bone (edible, but tastes like an acorn), is a translucent white gelatinous mass, a pleasant sweet taste.

Indian fruit jackfruit, very similar to the bread fruit, is grown in Thailand and other countries in Eastern Asia for many centuries.

All the components of the jackfruit is edible. Flowers blanshirovat fruit in the form to add hot peppers or shrimp sauce. Young leaves can be raw, added to salad came with papaya. Is used everything. The flesh of the jackfruit blends well with ice-cream and other fruits and sweets, especially the pulp in coconut milk in fruit salad. From jackfruit to make an unusual filling for pies and even slice and bake fruit as vegetables.

Passion fruit is usually oval or round, depending on variety of fruit. Passion fruit is among the juicy fruits. Unripe fruit is green, and the rind of Mature fruit is purple, deltaiii brownish-orange in different varieties of passion fruit. Continue reading


Appetizer of eggplant and tomatoes

Today this vegetable is very popular in the world because it has many remarkable properties. If you constantly consume eggplant, this will really bring benefit to our body. Therefore, the proposed […]

Caprese Salad

This salad is popular in Italy, as well as “Olivier” in our mills. This dish is light, but hearty, and does not overload the body. Pancake cake with banana frosting walnut

Pancakes cakes cooking pancakes – yeast or fresh. Collect them one on one, promazyvaya filling. The filling can be different. For example, can make a cake with […]

Pies with cabbage

Pies with cabbage has long been popular, and they occupy an important place on our tables, not only on everyday.

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Simple salads every day: recipes

Modern Housewives do not have time every day to delight the culinary delights of their relatives. They usually cook simple meals from simple ingredients, paying attention to the quality of the food, not the decor. So we want to tell you how to prepare simple salads every day, and share the most interesting recipes.

Vegetable salad with tuna

As a rule, simple vegetable salads are prepared every day using what is at hand. However, we propose to complement a dish of canned fish, which will make it more satisfying. This salad can replace a full dinner to those who decided to lose weight and to diet. Recipe preparation:

Cucumber, tomato and two boiled eggs cut into cubes.

Lettuce leaves thoroughly under running water and Pat dry.

Open a can of tuna and mash contents with a fork.

For the sauce, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, salt and lemon juice to taste. Continue reading

The most delicious dishes of the 24 countries that are worth a try for everyone

In a new country is always “feel“ a couple of things: the flavor, sights, customs and, of course, a gastronomic orgasm. We are what we eat. So, to better understand a new country and mentality of its inhabitants, to try national food. Now you can find 24 signature dishes from different countries, who must try every tourist.

Portugal: francesinha

The name of this dish translates as “little French girl”. It is a sandwich made from two square slices of white bread, between which is a piece of meat, a slice of ham, stuffed olives, and sausage. All that covered with melted cheese and put in dish with tomato sauce. To francesine usually served with French fries and a cold beer.

Australia: pie floater

Pie floater — meat pie floating in a bowl of thick pea soup. Sometimes it is seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar. This dish is especially popular in winter.

Mexico: mole sauce

The composition of this sauce includes up to 100 ingredients, including herbs, mixed nuts, butter, cocoa, meat broth and, of course, several types of Chile. Continue reading

Traditional Indian cuisine, Indian dishes

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture

Indian cuisine is considered one of the most exotic in the world. It has its traditional characteristics and other peculiar features that distinguish it from all others. Of course, like any exotic cuisine, it provokes mixed feelings, some like it, some don’t. Although it is full of different recipes, so that’s definitely something interesting can be found.

As a rule, the distinguishing feature of this cuisine is called the abundance of vegetarian dishes. Hindus generally don’t eat a lot of meat – cows are sacred animals, and their own religious views are encouraged to appreciate and to love life in any form.

Kitchen of India reflects the characteristics of this people, its philosophy and traditions. Generally, when considered as an element of world culture, there are plenty of recipes of vegetarian dishes, i.e. to some extent here to contact when you want some variety without meat.

The main elements can be called beans, vegetables and spices in India have a special place, and has long been one of the main goods for trade. The most popular Indian spice – curry. In addition to this also quite often in Indian dishes use rice. Continue reading

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